Instant Gr-OAT-ification

by Sarah on May 22, 2012 · 13 comments

I’ve always considered myself to be an old fashioned gal.But lately¬†I’ve been craving quickies.Quick OATS that is. ūüėČ

While I’ve always kept both multiple types of oatmeal on hand, I only tended to use the smaller cut, quick-cooking kind for granola. [I like to mix old fashioned and instant for the crisp of the former and the ‘chew’ of the latter.]I never really cooked¬†the instant oats¬†to eat. Even in the microwave, I stuck it out with the old fashioned gentleman, with their slow grace and mild manners. [Steel cut always played a little TOO hard to get for me.]

Dates with Oatmeal. (Get it?)

Until now.

I blame the Blend Retreat¬†for my transformation from a “make ’em wait” lady to a fly-by-night floozy. Not once, but twice, my breakfast was made with the instant Quaker packets you saw above.
Made with hot water in a paper bowl, they were by no means the best oats I’d ever eaten, but even when NOT covered in fresh berries, almond butter, and Xagave peach and strawberry jam–
–I couldn’t help but notice how creamy they were, without needing any milk or crazy amounts of cooking time. They also tasted different. More floury or something. And I found that oddly appealing. So when I ended up NOT eating the make-your-own packet I’d smuggled in my backpack for the plane ride home–-and instead substituted it for my normal afterschool brown rice-and-quinoa-flakes snack*-
*You mean that’s not a normal thing to eat in your classroom?
I was reminded of how seductive a quick fix can be.
Even without adding the creaminess of milk, the gelling attributes of flax or chia,¬†¬†or the smoothness of oat bran–as I am wont to do–I get a delicious, creamy bowl of oooooozing yum.And if you DO add something ‘extra’–say…leftover pumpkin and applesauce from making Cherry Chocolate Pumpkin Doughnuffins?–

(and Natural Indulgence Lemon Blueberry + Nuts About Granola's BLEND for BLEND)

–well, I just about lose my head.

Don’t worry Mama Smart, you raised me right. But right now?¬†Well right now I want a little more instant gr-oat-ification.(But not oat groats themselves. Talk about holding out on ya. Those bad boys need some serious commitment.)


Are y’all still tried and true old fashioned guys and dolls?

Or are you willing to get a quick fix now and then for the same nutritional value and a little more fun? :)


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