Foodie Turned Fit

by Sarah on May 10, 2012 · 22 comments

When I showed up at Blend, I spent a lot of time during the Friday night welcome party proclaiming that I was a food blogger, not a fitness one. The idea of participating in a boot camp was daunting, and, although I was excited at the prospect of a hike on Saturday and the opportunity to finally try yoga, I envisioned myself languising behind the much more fitness-focused bloggers in their cute, matching workout gear.

(They really are cute, aren't they?)

But, guess what, y’all?

I used my all-purpose hiking [slash] running shoes for more than just stuffing swag into to save space packing on the way home.The Saturday morning Boot Camp led by Lindsay and Tina (sponsored by fimixer) kicked my butt, but in a good way. I couldn’t believe I was running (!) in mountain air (!) and I was at the front of the pack (!) keeping up (!)I thought I wasn’t a “group fitness girl,” but being in a large group of women whom I instinctively trusted brough out a mini warrior in me. I wasn’t afraid to look like an idiot should my form be slightly off or I wasn’t able to eke out the last few reps.  I might not have had the highest number of reps in any of our challenges, but I was SO proud of myself for keeping relative pace with the super-fit foodies around me!Maybe it was the (highly addictive) fitmixer aminos that I started Saturday’s boot camp with…

Fitmixer: like a sweet (healthy) Hawaiian (protein) Punch...

…but once I got going I just couldn’t stop! Riding on a high of personal physical accomplishment, I lathered up on sunscreen and joined the pack for a hike up a mountain.This was no ordinary hike. The ladies had warned us it would be pretty strenuous…but oh my goll, y’all, you have no idea.It was straight up or straight down that mountain, meaning on the way up we were climbing a rail-less staircase, and on the way down we were walking down a playground slide. (OK, maybe not THAT extreme…as there were rocks to grip on to. :))

Thank you, Janetha, for proof of my hiking. :)

There were moments where I thought about turning back, when I was so out of breath I didn’t know if I’d make it. But like Jamie Foxx + T-Pain, I chose to blame it on the alcohol altitude.I had entered into competition with myself–“Can you do it, Sarah? Can you keep up?”–and so I kept on posing pushing.And against all of my beliefs and odds, I made it to the top! (Perhaps those hours working the “Hill Climb” setting on the elliptical helped?)Thank goll for my dear friend, Maria, without whom I’m sure I would never have pushed on. Together we walked up, and together we crawled walked down…slow and steady and never giving up. :)We did, however, get a bit lost on the way back…but it was a blessing in disguise because I stumbled upon this:And if you think that finding this toilet wasn’t one of the greatest moments of the day, well, I mean, you obviously haven’t met my bladder. [And did I squeal through the window while Maria stood outside? Yes. Yes, I did.]If you think the fitness fun ended there…well…you’d be wrong. Despite my physical exhaustion, I had been looking forward to using Blend as a “safe space’ in which to try yoga for the first time…and gosh darn it, I was getting to yoga.I kid you not, I’m pretty sure it was the fitmixer aminos–a second bottle of which I stole from the morning’s boot camp and polished off on the hike–that fueled me through the day. I was never famished, just tired in a “it feels great to use my body like this” way. [And you know that if this perma-lliptical darling can get into aminos, they’ve got to be good.]Whatever it was, I made it through my very first yoga class…and I was exhilarated! I am now on the hunt for a Vinyasa Flow class in town and cannot get over the feeling of joy from stretching and balancing and proving to myself that yes, yes I CAN do this.*

*There was one moment where I thought I might pass out…but you know, whatever.I told myself I wasn’t going to do the Sunday Boot Camp. I was going to wake up and make coffee in our cabin and sit on our porch with my book until breakfast. I’d even packed up my workout clothes.

But I went back for more.*

*This might have been the result of consuming an entire bag of Oogie’s popcorn the night before, but I’m choosing to believe it was my new inner fitness bug. [I even got to play Rocky and count out reps for my group. I may have gotten a little squealy there at the end…but I did it nonetheless!]I wasn’t the only person who did all four of the fitness ‘events’ at Blend, but I was ONE of the only ones, and this was an accomplishment I didn’t even know I wanted to achieve. Having never been an athlete, I am not in the habit of considering myself to be very fit, but I finally gave myself credit for what my body was capable of doing, and I’m not sure I would ever have done so were I not surrounded by a group of women I knew had my back and wouldn’t knock me down, only lift me up.

Just another reason to love Blend. :)


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