BLENDing Business & Nutty Butter

by Sarah on May 25, 2012 · 95 comments

Like so many wonderful things, it all started at BLEND.*

*I could promise not to incorporate it into my posts ever again. But then my nose would start growing.

Two weeks ago, I posted about the (food pornographic) Cookie Dough Nutty Butter that I spent many nights making and packaging to bring with me to BLEND as gifts.While at BLEND, the ‘dough’ was received with such excitement that Maria and I started mulling over the possibility of actually marketing and selling it.*

*This was partially due to its reception, and partially due to the fact that I don’t have a permanent teaching position lined up for next year.Almost immediately post-retreat, Lindsay  and Laura and Heather (x2) and Maria and Molly and Jen had instagrammed, tweeted, and blogged about it, causing a flurry of reaction that was only accentuated by the further encouraging comments and tweets from many of my dear friends and followers.

The photo that started it all....(Thanks Lindsay!)

And before I even knew what was happening…

…I found myself with a product line.And warning labels.

Warning: Nutty Butter contains nuts.

 And customers.

Now, I am by no means ready for the shelves at Whole Foods, but I do have a million different Nutty Butter ideas floating around in my head just waiting to be brought into the world.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie!

So why not let them be made? And sold? And give the people what they want?

Hey, even Justin started in his kitchen with a single food processor, right?

As always, I get by with a little help from my ‘blends.’ Calee is going to help me redesign my labels. Lauren and Ashley and Molly and Maria have been some of my first customers. Lindsay is going to let me copy her Healthy Bites information page and ordering system style until I (if ever) figure out something of my own. And we’ve worked out (I hope) the flaws in my shipping methods.

Interested in ordering? E-mail me at

[Or direct yourself–and your friends–to the new Nutty Butter page on my menu. :)]

For now, however, I have one lowly jar of Cookie Dough Nutty Butter left over from my last order, sitting on the windowsill staring outside like a puppy looking through a glass cage in a pet store, wanting so badly for someone to take him home.

But since I believe in adopting puppies no one else wants, rather than buying them from a pet store, I’m going to GIVE IT AWAY.

And all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what flavor you want to taste next.

If you start following me on instagram (thesmartkitchen) I’ll give you a bonus entry. There’s no reason for that except I really like instagram.

You can tweet about this [hashtag #nuttybutter]. Or not. Whatever.

Oh, and if you went to BLEND, leave an extra comment reminding me of a lovely moment we shared and I’ll give you a bonus entry. (Because BLEND is where it all began.)

And if you are Lindsay, you get an automatic bonus entry for that instagram photo that I blame (happily) for this whole thing.

And Maria, for our late night brainstorming, you get one, too.

Did I mention I’m also throwing in a sample of the currently-being-test-marketed Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Nutty Butter?

You’re welcome.


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