What I (Packed) Wednesday

by Sarah on April 11, 2012 · 15 comments

On Monday, I spent my first day as a first grade teacher. Having finished up my fifth grade long-term substitute position, I was lucky to land another position for the end of the year. Even if the job started a month earlier than planned. (You can’t stop a baby who wants to come into the world!)

It has already been a bit of a whirlwind week, and I was terribly nervous about teaching much smaller (than I was used to) children. but at least one of the kids is happy I’m a teacher. :)

With school teaching comes school lunches. Or at least school lunch packing. And for me, that can be quite the nightly “I am too Type A about my food to just grab whatever is in the fridge in the morning and be happy about it” production.So, for my contribution to the weekly blog eats round-up sponsored by our head cowgirl, Jenn, I would like to show you What I Packed Wednesday.

I only wish that were really my lunchbox.

I have been making up my personal, much more cost-efficient, packets of oatmeal since I started my fifth grade position in January. A nice sedimentary-rock-style layering of oats, oat bran, flax seed, and cinnamon keeps me happy in it’s simplicity.My travel ‘bug’ (bowl [slash] mug) comes along for the early morning ride–which I guess is what we could call a trip to the workroom microwave?–aong with a tiny spoon that fits perfectly inside. I usually bring some fruit, which never actually makes it to the oatmeal.Morning snack is a variation on the hummus-and-veggies theme. Yesterday’s was Trader Joe’s soon-to-be-recreated-in-The-Smart-Kitchen-because-it-is-so-darn-delicious Guacamole Hummus, and a selection of cheapest-veggies-at-the-store-this-week carrots, cukes, and celery.My “midday snack that might substitute for lunch if I really had time to sit and savor it” was a handful of Wholesome Goodness Multigrain & Flax chips, along with a quick saute of vegetables that was the result of me wanting to use up anything frozen before moving in June. [I can’t explain the salsa I used as ‘sauce,’ except that it made sense at the time.]Other snacks in my pack? An orange that tasted like citrus salvation after a long day with the squirrelly kiddos, the last remaining almonds and cranberries in the Bear Naked Trail Mix……and Guapo the Goldfish stuffed with Central Market Peanut Butter Dots–yes, I brought them from Texas–and Wholesome Goodness Multigrain Os.

As you can see, I never really eat what other people might call “lunch.” You see, as an elementary school teacher you eat whenever you can.

[A second without a child needing his shoe tied? Chew that carrot quickly! Five minutes before they return from P.E.? Get that oatmeal in your mouth…now!]

I also don’t eat very much during the day. If I were to make a graph of my caloric intake, it might look something like this:Meaning, I come home and tend to eat lots and lot of calories at night, to make up for the little I ate all day. This is a classic, “as seen in Health magazine of what not to do” case of eating more because of eating less.

And I know I should probably try and change that up a bit.


Luckily for me, I have friends in low great places. One of my best friends from college, Molly (whom you all should know by now for her co-post Sweet Potato Lentil Chili amazingness), also happens to be a social media rep and blogger liason for Nature Box.Nature Box is a company that I heard about just as it was getting up-and-running, and Molly was debating whether or not she should jump on board the start-up. I believed in their business model then–healthy snacks, packaged in Nature Box’s own packaging, not just treats from big companies or sponsors, delivered to your door for $19.95 a month–and I believe in it still.Even if I can’t afford to buy it every month, I appreciate their stance on “delivering better choices.” [I especially loved their initial focus on parents trying to help their kids eat healthy. :)]Along with yummy snacks, they also include healthy recipes and ideas for how to get the most out of your Nature Box treats throughout the day, which I think is super innovative.I am not going to do a typical review of the goods inside the box. [If you want to see that, you can trust Lindsay or Heather’s tastebuds….] Molly honestly mailed me this package because she is that thoughtful, and new I was having trouble finding enough time to eat during the day…and she wanted to use her “powers” for good.

I will enjoy packing these treats in the coming weeks.

And I hope SHE enjoys the “nature” scenery I chose for the “nature” box. 😉


Do y’all find that you eat more at one particular time of the day?

Is it hard for you to change from a night eater to a day eater?


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