What I Ate (Excessively) Wednesday

by Sarah on April 25, 2012 · 24 comments

A few months ago, I was excessively excited to receive a box of not one, but FOUR jars of PB Crave peanut butters, in such sweetly intoxicating flavors as Cookie Nookie and Choco Choco.Although at first I thought they were a bit too sweet, and the banana was slightly artificial tasting, I do wish I could show you photos of the delightful appearance of teeny tiny white and dark chocolate chips in the Razzle Dazzle, or how I creatively used them to make cookies or peanut butter banana bread or something.

Except a mere two weeks after they arrived, this was all that remained:Obviously, I got over any sweetness issues.

But before you think this was a one time occurrence, you should know that I tend to eat in extremes. I get fixated on a food, or a product, and I consume it excessively for as long as I can tolerate its consumption. [Which, except for a minor incident last year involving pumpkin ice cream is often a surprisingly long time.]In keeping with Jenn‘s April goal of adding an extra cup of veggies this month, I have, in fact, been eating an excessive amount of lettuce.The joyful reciept of an OXO Salad Spinner has meant I have a constant supply of clean lettuce on hand. I buy more, just so I can play with my spinner. I even find myself reaching in the fridge and eating pieces of iceberg with my hands. And of course, The B.F.S.s have been excessivein gigantitude. [Yes, I just said gigantitude.]

Baba ghanoush might be excessively ugly, but it sure is delish!

The best bowls o’ lettuce have been doused excessively with this Wholesome Goodness Balsamic Dressing. I’m excessively sad that I finally finished it. [And if you think I didn’t stick my chin into the bowl more than once to lick up every last drop you are SADLY mistaken.]

Sometimes I get a little excessive with toppings–Morningstar Black Bean Burger, homemade Pineapple Cilantro Avocado Dressing, AND a mess of sugar snaps and other raw delights? Of course!–but it’s similar to the thought of “Why make only ONE type of slaw, when you can make TWO?!?!”

...and excessively eat it...one time for breakfast...

And let’s not even get started on the excessive amount of hummus I purchase and consume. Sure, I make a lot of my own–the don’t call me The Hummus Queen for nothing–but if I have less than four different types in my fridge at once, I strangely begin to get excessively anxious.Yes, that hummus is for one person. Are you shocked? Probably not. You know what’s also for just one person? All this fruit.And you can bet that except for three apples, it was all eaten in a week. [And I even bought another cantaloupe.]Perhaps this excessive fruit consumption is the reason I cannot help but excessively consume this Yogi Ginger tea?It’s cheaper than kombucha, but still makes my tummy feel all excessively good and stuff. There are periods of days where I literally don’t think I’ll be able to sleep if I don’t have a mug of this. Plus, it likes to look longingly outside of windows and meditate on nature.

Something else I often think I can’t get to bed without?Cereal: It’s not just for snacktime breakfast anymore.

I’ve started adding some wheat germ into the bottom of the bowl. It allows for a nice, soft, oatmeal-like layer topped with crunchy, almond milk-soaked goodness. Crumbled up Weetabix do the same thing. With all of this excessive processed wheat mushing around it is clearly a good thing I don’t have issues with gluten.

Yes, eight types of cereal mixed in one bowl…I need YOU tonight.


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