W.I.A.W: The B.F.S. + OXO (WTH?)

by Sarah on April 18, 2012 · 66 comments

I had to chuckle  little bit when I saw everyone* pledging to eat one more cup of veggies each month as part of the Green Giant “Veg Pledge” campaign. First of all, those girls already did an amazing job eating their veggies. Secondly, I didn’t really know how I could pledge to do it too, considering my life often feels like a 24-hour non-stop veggie festival of love (like Woodstock, but without the drugs…there might be some dirt on the celery sometimes, though).

*And by ‘everyone,’ I mean Laura and our fearless What I Ate Wednesday leader, Jenn.

But I ain’t mad at it.

After all, as I saw this past weekend, when I am left alone to my own devices, I inevitably return to the my favorite meal: The B.F.S. (Big. Friendly. Salad.)

Yes, he is wearing tomato suspenders. Yes, I am reaching out for that crunchy goodness.

Alternatively known as “a big bowl of happiness,” (Smart) Kitchen Sink Salad, “clear the crisper” dinner, or “that thing you do when you just dump everything into a bowl and eat it” [thank Rach for that description], the B.F.S. is the most heavenly–to me–of all meals.

Hey, I never said it was pretty.

(Or that it wouldn't occasionally involve ketchup.)

I’ve written In Defense of Salad before–no really, that was the post title–albeit with much worse photography (but perhaps more elaborate eloquence), so I’ll leave the sonnets to salads aside for the minute* and focus on my tendency to overbuy produce, especially when pretty green (or otherwise fresh-from-the-field) are on sale…and how it results in a B.F.S.-full weekend.

*Check out Lindsay’s post from yesterday for even MORE ideas…

A concoction I made involving thawed frozen white beans and every random herb I had wilting in the fridge proved to be a delicious topper for a very green BFS. (Wholesome Goodness’ Balsamic Dressing–so good I want to drink it–proved to give a little extra soaking, as the “herb bean dip” wasn’t quite as runny, smooth as hummus.)

Oh the joys of reaching the point of your box of leafy greens–in this case, Earthbound Farms Baby Kales marked down to $1.29 (!!!– where you get to just make a BFS…IACS [Big Friendly Salad…in a clamshell.]And although I’m a fan of the “fancy” greens, I really prefer my salad to have a big ol’ crunchtastic element. Crash into that iceberg! I ‘heart’ you, Romaine!Speaking of Romaine, I had to act fast to rescue some of its baby leaves from death. [That happens when you buy discounted lettuce, y’all.] What resulted was this bold (and the) beautiful, BFS:(Also marked down) sugar snap peas, cucumbers, yellow bell pepper, and Wegman’s Edamame Hummus……and yes, those ARE Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries covered in Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce. [I highly recommend adding a drizzle to ANY salad…it’s the new Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger.] Then I inexplicably added some of my newly invented Seitan Chorizo Crumbles.

Whatever. It worked.

There was actually one MORE B.F.S. consumed last weekend, as well…but I forgot to take a photo. With all this leafy green action taking up my afternoons and evenings, is it any wonder I have to start my day with a whole (lot of) grain?Oats made with Strawberry Pumpkin Butter and topped with Banana Pancake Granola sounds pretty good to me. :)

Should we call it…The BF…O?


Talk about timing. As I was formulating this post in my mind on my drive home from school and the gym on Tuesday afternoon, a very large box rang my doorbell.

Inside? A brand new OXO Salad Spinner, sent to me as part of OXO Blogger Outreach Program.Needless to say, I had a whole head of green leaf lettuce hanging out in my fridge, ready and willing to be my first test subject.Can you believe I’ve never owned a salad spinner? You might say I was stuck in a permanent state of just-reached-the-end-the-roll drip-drying necessity. Until now, of course!I don’t know whether my favorite part of the OXO Salad Spinner is its glorious green color, the fact that it holds so much lettuce, does such an incredible job of getting water out of all of the leaves’ tiny crevices……or that it reminds me of the toy I had when I was a wee small child where I sat down, pushed the center, and spun around. [But this has a BRAKE button!]I very quickly had a bag of lettuce ready to be used for my next (two or three? or four?) Big Friendly Salads. [Complete with paper towel, as taught by Papa Smart: keeps bread soft and lettuce crispy!]Of course, then I finally read the directions and saw that keeping the lettuce inside of the contraption basket would keep it fresh longest. Oops.Actually, the best thing about the OXO Salad Spinner is……they sent me two! So I can give one to YOU!!!All you have to do to enter for your very own OXO Salad Spinner is leave a comment telling me what would make up your ideal Big Friendly Salad…and your favorite Roald Dahl book. :)

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