Virginia Bloggers Kick-Off Brunch

by Sarah on April 23, 2012 · 67 comments

Two weeks ago, Liz and I launched a new website called

Our purpose was to make it easier to discover and connect with other local and statewide bloggers (and blog readers), as well as local events and businesses that support our passions. The community of blogging is the reason I ‘keep on keepin’ on’ with it, and I knew Liz felt the same. We turned the #VAis4Bloggers hashtag from a half-serious chuckle into reality!

(Beautiful header designed by Adrienne)

We are so excited about how quickly our blogroll began to increase, the support we have received from both national companies and local businesses–did you catch my feature on feast?–and the discovery of many bloggers statewide that we never knew about. And of course, we wanted to celebrate with a party.

And as we all know, “party,” for food bloggers, means brunch.

[And “party,” for Miss Smart, also means goodie bags. ;)]

The site was Stella’s, a Greek and Mediterranean taverna with a casual atmosphere and an incredibly extensive (and mouth watering) menu. Despite the rainy day outside, the vibe was upbeat and cheerful. [And I got to wear my rainboots, so how bad could the day really be? :)]Although the lunch and dinner menu is very veg-and-vegan-friendly, the brunch menu is not. [At least at first glance, anyway.] I said to our waitress, “I’m a vegan. What can you do for me?” And I received what can only be described as amazingess in a bowl.A saute of bursting cherry tomatoes, portabello mushrooms, onions, artichoke hearts, creamy potatoes, and gigante (elephant) beans, seasoned with something deliciously addictive I couldn’t place (but wanted more of), this creation was a winner. The bonus of black kale rounded out the bountiful bowl.Perhaps because we were all tweeting about how delicious everything tasted (or because I stood up and made a speech?) the chef sent out complimentary loukoumades for all of us.Although they did resemble cute little chicken wings, these Greek doughnuts were like pieces of puffier, lighter funnel cake, that Stephanie proclaimed “must be covered in crack.”I know Liz and I were both SO excited* about how enjoyable and successful the event turned out to be. On our way back to pick up my car, we both were just reveling in Virginia (and blogging) love.

*We were only slightly less excited that I color coordinated my flannel with our logo.

Thank you Stella’s for receiving us so warmly, and thank you Chobani and Love Grown Foods for helping make up some delicious goodie bags! [And Lauren for the salted chocolate peanut butter-stuffed strawberries…]Because I am a nerd–and perhaps a future PTO President?–and love a good raffle, I also raffled off full-sized bags of Love Grown Granola AND the newest peanut butter creation to come out of The Smart Kitchen: Coconut Honey Roasted Peanut Butter.Because I’m feeling so much Virginia love, and happiness to be a part of a blogging community both regional AND national (AND international!), I want to give away some treats to you. All you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment telling me what you love about your city, town, or state OR what you love about the blogging community
  • “Like” Virginia is for Bloggers on Facebook
  • Follow @VAis4Bloggers on twitter

In exchange for participating in this flagrant bribery for self-promotional purposes, I will mail you your own (full-sized) jar of Coconut Honey Roasted Peanut Butter (unless you would prefer the original cinnamon variety), as well as coupons for free Chobani and Love Grown Granola (which can be purchased at The Fresh Market).


Speaking of giveaways…we now move from big bowls of bountiful beauty…

…to big bowls of salad!

The winner of my Big Friendly Salad OXO Salad Spinner giveaway is…Matilda!


Just kidding, although it is my favorite Roald Dahl book, too, y’all. According to the number generator on, the winner (and sorry, Jenn, even though you snorted a little bit, I don’t think your entry counted ;)) is…Kristen @ Not So Domesticated!

There’s something to be said for simplicity. (And for being just a tad bit more domesticated now? ;)) E-mail me with you address and I’ll send a salad spinner your way!


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