What I Ate (SNOW) Day

by Sarah on March 7, 2012 · 18 comments

On Monday I woke up to a bit of a surprise.An hour or two later…I was even MORE surprised.

And that, my little chickadees (and our lovely host Jenn), is how this potential What I Ate (On a Two-Hour Delay That I Didn’t Expect Because NO ONE Could Have Predicted That and I Woke Up and Showered at the Normal Time Before Looking Out The Window So I Didn’t Sleep In–Not That I Could Have Anyway) Wednesday turned into What I Ate SNOW Day!One of the best things about being at home, making breakfast–rather than making breakfast in the workroom microwave from your pre-portioned and spiced baggie of oatmeal/flax/oat bran–is the opportunity to make such voluminous, slow cooked oats. And, while I generally have been eating plain and simple oatmeal every morning……I thought the fact that I was home and COULD jazz things up a bit meant a dig through the fridge was in order. Hence, I cooked these up in a bit of applesauce that had been lurking behind a stack of hummus……and found half of a GIANT Asian pear to cut some sweet, crunchy bits from. [Please don’t judge this photo. Lazy cooks don’t waste time with cutting boards. Vegans (“with benefits”) use their steak knives to cut fruit.]Since I had so much scrumptious Irish (Soda) Breakfast Bread on hand from my Breathe Magazine assignment, I figured a little crumble on top would only IMPROVE the amazing bowl of goodness I enjoyed while catching up on season two of Downton Abbey.Much of the day was spent creating a Recipage* and playing some of my favorite kitchen games:

*Love it. It’s going to take a long while to complete..but I’m enjoying just randomly going through my recipes and posting them with no apparent plan or continuum. :)

“Cook Everything In The Fridge and…“Chop One For Me, Chop One For the Pot”

Needless to say, by the time I got around to making a legit lunch, I wanted nothing to do with vegetables. I had a hard time figuring out what I DID want…and then it hit me: yogurtI figured the massive amount of Vanilla Chai Yogurt I had left from my Second Blog Day Brunch was good enough reason to make the executive decision not to be lactose intolerant anymore. With a (Lactaid) pill and a prayer, I also decided this bowl of yogurt was a good enough reason to use some wheat germ, chia seeds that I always forget I have, and to eat another bit of Irish (Soda) Breakfast Bread.Guess what? I was fine! I was fine! I wanted to eat more yogurt….but thought I better not get too crazy right away. :)

What did get crazy? What was NOT fine?

Well, the rest of my evening. I can’t say much about it, but it involved me being the victim of a hit-and-run and witness to a police chase…then crying in my car quite a bit.

I’m OK. I’m not in jail. I’m not hurt. Obviously.

But it was scary.

Dinner, therefore, was a whole lot of what sounded comforting: warm Miso Ginger Greens with (makes everything better) sweet chili sauce……along with a Mama Smart-mandated glass of wine,* and a Miss Smart-mandated hunk of a recent experiment in Vegan Irish Soda Bread (with thyme, rosemary, and dates) baking.

*Don’t worry, Mama, Mr. Mason Jar made sure that the painkillers I took would not have adverse effects when paired with alcohol. 😉I only drank a little bit of the wine…but I ate the whole bit of bread. And then went back for more…along with a bowl of grapes, cantaloupe, and Asian pear…topped with Citrus Avocado Dressing.*

*I told y’all it was good. Good on anything. (And everything?) And now, after a night of very little sleep followed by a surprise two-hour-delayed SOL testing day…I’m tired and ready for, well, another Snow Day. :)


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