Pistachio Poo

by Sarah on March 20, 2012 · 21 comments

Spring has sprung!*

*At least according to the calendar. I stil feel like March is a little early for this.

What do you say we celebrate with some fresh?

So fresh and so……green?OK. Fine. It’s really more of a U.S. Army interpretation of chartreuse..or perhaps a sans-pimiento stuffed olive.But I promise. It started with green(er) intentions.

Fun Fact: Not only do small children like to finger paint, they also like to call pistachios acorns and throw the shells at each other.*

*Not that I had to stop some 5th grade boys from doing that yesterday or anything.

Of course–as every experienced finger painter knows–brown and purple and green make (rather unfortunately)…

Brownish Purplish (yes, you can say it) PUKISH Green! I’m declaring it green nonetheless.

With a sprinkling of sea salt and a drizzle of honey…well, this whole Pistachio Butter thing ain’t so bad.In fact…it’s downright delicious.It just looks rather unappealing.*

*But that’s what they said about relish, hummus, and salsa…and just think how fabulous that is!

Baby food?* Or Pistachio Butter?

*Or–go ahead and think it–“the result of consuming too much baby food”

Does it really matter?

Sweet + Salty Pistachio Butter

  • 1 3/4 cups dry roasted, unsalted, shelled pistachios
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt
  • 1/2 Tbsp. honey

Process nuts in a food processor until they have deconstructed into nut buttery consistency.

Sprinkle in sea salt and drizzle in honey.

Process until well mixed.


Speaking of babies…does anyone think these tulips resemble baby birds, reaching their necks up to mama,  just itchin’ to be fed?And BAM! It all comes full circle.

(Sort of.)


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