Childhood Comfort

by Sarah on March 27, 2012 · 16 comments

Do you ever crave the comfort foods of your childhood?

Although, to be analytical about it, did we really know they were comfort foods until we were no longer children?Because I’m pretty sure when Mama Smart was making (nothing Hungarian about it) “goulash” she wasn’t thinking, “Gee, this meal will really comfort Sister, Brother, and Miss Smart after a long day at elementary school.”You’d have to ask her, but I’m pretty sure all Mama Smart was thinking was, “How can I get dinner on the table as quickly…”

“…as inexpensively…”“…and with as little fuss as possible?”[I think the cheddar cheese was a concession to the fact that we’d probably eat anything if she put cheese on it.]

It might not be glamorous–and I’m sure she didn’t plan on its lasting effects–but, to this day, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as cheap pasta and whatever’s-on-sale sauce.*

*To be fair, Mama Smart DID often used to make her own.

And peas. You can’t have pasta without peas.

If only life were as simple as this. :)


 What are some of YOUR childhood comfort foods?


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