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by Sarah on March 19, 2012 · 18 comments

This weekend was chock full of bloggers and friends and bloggers who are friends and friends who are bloggers.

Saturday night featured a St. Patrick’s Day dinner featuring “very much non-vegan” colcannon, Irish cheese, a loaf of my Vegan Savoury Soda Bread …and Basil-Arugula Pesto (featuring “more than toasted” pine nuts) on Pasta and Peas. [My friends like alliteration, too. :)]I also whipped together some “pesto hummus” using leftover basil and half a tub of roasted garlic hummus I had in the fridge. [Any excuse to use the clover-shaped serving tray!]Oh, and I solved the problem of what to do if you don’t like beer on St.Patrick’s Day. [And no, it is NOT “drink whiskey” as one member of the assembled party claimed.]Drinking green wine did not turn my teeth green…and I did not suffer any (known) consequences from the excessive concentration of artificial dye. :)A twitter conversation that spiraled quickly out of control last week resulted in me driving to Richmond on Sunday for an early afternoon blogger brunch.*

*Can you really call it brunch if it is after lunchtime? If, technically, you are eating brunch food at a late lunch hour, it is still technically brunch…but it just seems weird to me somehow.Let’s call it: #VAis4Bloggers Meet-Up 3.0.* [And yes, one day we WILL be trending on twitter.]

*If I am allowed to consider my Blog Day Brunch as a meet-up, despite one blogger coming a day early and another accidentally being left off the guest list.We chose Selba for our dining purposes, as it was close to [slash] in cute Carytown, and a had a number of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. [Although we were a bit baffled at why the baked pasta dish featuring “lamb shoulder” was considered a vegetarian possibility.]Gabby, Liz, Alexa (not a blogger, but she should be), Adrienne (who we officially voted “in” after brunch ;)), Lauren, Brittany, and I all made it out for a lovely meal of great conversation, blog advice, and sharing of food.Although I proclaimed myself to be “the most difficult” to our waiter, in the end I ordered a straightforward, no substitutions, meal: a tofu scramble with sweet potato biscuit and rosemary roasted potatoes.I did make one special request, however: ketchup. :)The potatoes were tasty on their own, but ketchup just makes everything better sometimes. I was glad to have it, because I needed some for my tofu. To be honest, the tofu scramble promised Indian spices, but I didn’t taste any…and although it was basic, clean-tasting, and light…the flavor just wasn’t there for me.The sweet potato biscuit had the exact texture of a McDonald’s sausage biscuit from my youth, however, and tasted delicious when paired with the house apple butter. That (almost) made up for the lackluster scramble.I also had a special gift from Lauren to cheer up my tastebuds. She obviously had been reading my blog and after seeing my ode to grapefruit last week, brought me the utensil* I’ve been missing from my silverware drawer!

*As I slipped the serrated spoon into my bag, I was pretty sure another diner was going to think I was stealing spoons from the restaurant. I quickly imagined a scene involving me running through the kitchen yelling, “See?! They don’t even HAVE grapefruits here!!!!”Following lunch with The Virginia Bloggers–obviously an elite club, since I made that a capitalized, proper noun–I visited a friend to bloggers everywhere: the trader named Joe.It really shouldn’t seem that special to me, as I’m less than an hour from it now, but it is special. And I do go a bit crazy.But three things of hummus ain’t (that) bad! [And technically, it was two hummi and a dip, since The Trader understands that dips cannot be called hummus unless they involve chickpeas.]And yes, I purposely left my HEB reusable shopping bag in the car so that I could bring home a Trader Joe’s paper bag. I have nothing to say about that really.It was a lovely afternoon that had begun with a lovely morning, when my dear friend Lizzy came by with coffee for a relaxing ‘catch-up.’* [Yes, I did save these cups from the trash so that I could take a picture of them after she left. It’s how I (blog) roll.]

*just as enjoyable as the kind I used on my ‘taters’ and tofu later in the day…And just when you thought my blogger [slash] friend [slash] blogger-friend life couldn’t get any better, I received not one……but TWO blogger exchange packages in the mail…from two people who obviously know my tastebuds better than I do myself. [You’ll have to wait to hear more about those though. ;)]Truth be told, I needed this weekend. After Mr. Mason Jar and I parted ways (yes, that is a euphemism for “broke up”)┬álast week, one of the things he said had stuck with me: “All you ever talk about is your friends, your blog, and your students.”

Well. Yeah.

When you have such good friends, and a hobby that brings you even MORE great friends…well, what else would you want to talk about?

[More on my students later. :)]


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