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by Sarah on February 8, 2012 · 15 comments

Because my students go to P.E. almost immediately after we arrive at school, I tend to wait until then to eat my breakfast. Much coffee is consumed on the commute, and I’m usually so busy trying to get prepped for the day that I’m fine waiting for a bit. The oatmeal I make in the workroom microwave just tastes that much better.

But Monday morning, my stomach was no feeling it. It was as though after my late-night binge on Peanut Butter Quinoa Cookies  (oops) she* just decided to refuse any more grain consumption.What she did want? Soup.

*Do you ever wonder about the gender of your stomach? I’m almost positive mine is a woman. A pregnant woman. (The hankering for pickles and all that.)

I had left some of my Mexi-Curry Bean Soup in the fridge at school over the weekend, and suddenly, soup seemed not only to be the right way…but the only way. [The huge chunks of tomatoes I hadn’t managed to cut–obviously from the bottom of the can–were an added bonus.]

My kids looked at me with slight question in their eyes, but mostly because they were used to me shoveling oatmeal in my mouth when they (always too quickly) returned from P.E. I told them that “soup was very common for breakfast in Asian cultures you know,” to which they replied, “Yeah, but we’re not in Asia?” [Isn’t it funny how everything 10-year-olds say comes out as a question?]

We might not have been in Asia, but the soup for breakfast just set me off on a completely backwards day. So, for all of y’all playing the What I Ate Wednesday game with Jenn this week, I present What I Ate (Backwards) Wednesday.

Or should I say…*


My normal afternoon snack–veggies and hummus–became the mid-morning munch I needed after an intense Spelling Bee. (Winning word? Ebullient. But would YOU have known how to spell myrrh?)

Lunch, I guess was “normal,” for lunchtime…but that’s the joy of backwards day: it all evens out in the middle (or at the end, depending on how you look at it).

Quinoa topped with an “instant soup” of diced tomatoes, wilted spinach, and Tuscan seasoning…which I didn’t know whether to eat with a spoon, or a fork, and wished terribly that I had thought to bring a spork to school. [I had to settle for drinking the remaining liquid.*]

*Don’t worry, no children were around to witness it.

If afternoon snack becomes morning snack, then logically you’d think that morning snack would become afternoon snack.

That was true of the banana. [If I get around to it during the morning.] I have to admit that normally I don’t have a morning snack at all, since I teach for so long without a break. But since cereal is common morning foodstuff, I’m going to go with “I was still eating backwards,” mmmmK?

I did munch on some vegetables while prepping lunch for Tuesday, but the theme of this month’s WIAW posts IS supposed to be veggie-lovin’, right?

Of course, the only logical thing to eat for dinner on a backwards day is oatmeal….right?

It had been so long I’d actually had the opportunity to make oats on the stove that I forgot how much fun scraping every last morsel out of the pan can be. :)

 Drizzling* Cinnamon Honey Roasted Peanut Butter on top with a chopstick? Also fun.

*drizzling [verb]: splattering all over the kitchen like Jackson Pollock

I topped my oat/oat bran/wheat germ/ground flax mixture with a chopped Crispin apple, apple pie spice, and that delicious nut butter. So scrumptious, it almost made me want to eat oatmeal for every meal of the day. [Stay tuned for that WIAW…coming soon to a computer screen near you!]

If they say you should eat dessert first, then eating it last makes sense on backwards day (….maybe?)

Either way, this “dessert” might not be considered as such by any of y’all, but the surprisingly sweet strawberries topped with slightly overripe grapes, sprinkled with some Tay’s Power Berry Granola, swimming in a creamy sea of vanilla almond milk was just the way to end–begin?–my backwards day.

Perhaps tomorrow all y’all should take my lead:

Make like Kriss Kross and put it on backwards.


P.S. There’s still time to enter my CORE Bar giveaway! Whole food meal replacement bars with none of the added sugars that make other protein bars not much healthier than candy? Might sound backwards…but also pretty darn wonderful.


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