What I Ate (Valentine’s) Day

by Sarah on February 15, 2012 · 20 comments

My Valentine’s Day treat bag runneth over.Ah, yes. There’s nothing like a holiday to make you remember why you love teaching elementary school.

It seems only appropriate (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) to turn this Jenn-host(ess)ed blogger celebration we call What I Ate Wednesday into a celebration of love…be it friendly, familial, or, well, that other kind.I actually received a surprise valentine (or do we capitalize it–Valentine–even though it’s not the only one, and technically not a proper noun?) before the flurry of kid-scribbled paper cards and purchased-at-the-last-minute drugstore candy*: I was shown some love when my homemade, Bucket List sauerkraut was featured on Daily Buzz Healthy Living’s website as part of their Top 9: DIY Kitchen Ingredients! Who knew I really WAS so ‘smart’ in the kitchen?

*Not that I don’t love it all…Breakfast came following a rather chaotic morning of parents bringing in treats (as a masquerade for attempting impromtu parent-teacher conferences), kids wanting to pass out their cards, and me attempting to lead us in some semblence of morning work involving synonyms and antonyms for love (and loathe).

It was worth the wait.

I chose to forego my usual plain and simple for a little dressed and fancy in honor of the day.*

*And yes, I did bring in a “real” bowl as opposed to my Corningware bowl [slash] mug to class things up a bit. I mean, I couldn’t let all of those gorgeous strawberries I had purchased to bring in to my kids instead of candy go to waste, right?* [Not that they would have. Kids love fruit for treats.]

*No I have not become the person on the street passing out apples or carrots on Halloween.^

^Yet.I also happened to have an abundance of Texas Rio Star Grapefuits that I’d received in the mail. (God Bless Texas!) So it seemed only right to slice some up and…

…store them in a jar?*

*Hey, we are low on Tup-faux-ware. And that stuff is expensive.Warmed grapefruit on cinnamon oatmeal might sound weird…but it was absolutely, loveinducingly delicious. [Even if the oats did end up broken-hearted.]I was actually quite impressed that the parents at my school sent in so many healthy treats for the kids. Sure, there were some red velvet cupcakes, and we could talk in circles about whether or not Capri Sun is a fine drink or just an accident waiting to happen….but the plethora of fruit provided was incredible, and I loved that kids were asking for grapes and apples throughout the day, not more cupcakes or candy.I munched on quite a few strawberries and grapes throughout the morning while giving two tests–I’m horrible–and then showing Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. [Thank you abc.com!]


Lunch was some of the Sweet Potato Samosa Soup I made over the weekend…along with more strawberries and grapes.You know, my class might Love That Dog, but I love date pieces rolled in oat flour. Seriously, y’all can keep your Larabars, and just give me handfuls of those bulk-bin beauties. [I was not as enthused about the Dulce de Leche Cheerios, Weetabix, Honey Sunshine, and dried blueberries. I mean, they are tasty…but they are no chopped dates.]Did I mention I ate a lot of strawberries and grapes? As in, I might have eaten a pound of grapes and a whole clamshell container of strawberries by myself? [I’m sorry. But nature’s candy is the kind of candy I love.]

Arriving home, I decided to continue with the theme of the day and eat a snackworthy bowl of love.Love Grown Granola, that is.* Along with puffed quinoa, almond milk, and more date pieces.^

*What? Too obvious?

^I told you. I’m in love.Speaking of dates, I actually have one. A real life (male) valentine–again, should that be capitalized?– for the very first time. [One that’s not Papa Smart.] Mr. Mason Jar is taking me to dinner, and I promised myself I’d finish my WIAW post before we left, and not worry about the rest of the evening’s photos (for now).

After all, I promised you What I Ate (Valentine’s) Day.

I said nothing about Valentine’s Night.


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