Three Times The Quinoa

by Sarah on February 29, 2012 · 32 comments

I know Jenn proposed a Love Your Veggies theme for this month’s What I Ate Wednesday celebration of the good, the bad, and the random in what we’ve been eating, but I’m pretty sure these past few weeks, I’ve not only been loving my veggies…but also my veggie proteins. Specifically, I think The Smart Kitchen has been on its own Love Your Quinoa kick.

Of course when there’s oncetwicethree times the quinoa…’s easy to fall in love.[It is not as easy to pour quinoa flakes from their plastic bulk bin procurement pouch into a glass jar. But that’s an entirely different song altogether.*]

*I have no idea what song. But I’m sure there is one. After my adventures in quinoa cookie-baking [followed by more adventures in quinoa cookie-baking]……well, all of that leftover quinoa needed somewhere to go.Some ended up in a Garbanzo + Grain “Burger” concoction that I can’t wait to share with y’all soon.Some was stacked in a jar underneath an impromptu smoked paprika-infused stew of tomatoes and greens. [And then eaten for lunch at school.]A few lucky scoops of quinoa got to participate in one of my most commonly compiled dishes which I call “WTH is in the fridge that needs to be eaten that can logically–or illogically–be put into a bowl?” [or ‘Very Large Salad’ for short ;)]

What about the puffed quinoa you buy in bulk, Miss Smart? What do you do with that?

Well, my curious quinoa-consuming compatriots, that’s obvious.

My (nearly) nightly bowl of cereal, fruit, and almond milk tastes all the better with the crunch of some quinoa puffs. [Dulce de Leche Cheerios and Barbara’s Shredded Oats Cinnamon Crunch are crazy for quinoa.]As for those difficult-to-transfer-but-delicious-to-eat quinoa flakes I showed you earlier, well, I usually just eat them as a side dish or snack at school, mixed with a little oat bran, or perhaps brown rice flakes. [And maybe topped with delicata squash rings…]They cook up like oatmeal, and if you mix in a whole mess of pizza seasoning and nutritional yeast……well, it definitely kills a pizza craving in a dairy-free 200-calories or less.

But the best thing I ate with quinoa? [OK, the best thing I ate with the quinoa flakes?*]

*Hey, all that other stuff was REALLY tasty, too…This savory–which I always want to right savoury because I feel like it better expresses the nature of the flavor in a visual form–set was topped with a simply improvised stir-fry of green and yellow peppers, Braggs’-coated eggplant, mushrooms, and tomatoes…all topped off with a nice slug of Mae Ploy sweet chile sauce.

How could I not Love My Quinoa (and My Veggies) after that?


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