Presidential Cherry Crumble

by Sarah on February 20, 2012 · 13 comments

Even though she was gone, Mama Smart’s influence in my weekend lived on….as I pulled her famous, magical (at least in my mind) granola pan out from its hiding place in the kitchen.*

*Away from any “accidental” baking or roasting incidents caused by roommates. This pan is only for granola.

In honor of President’s Day today, I decided to create a recipe for Chia Cherry Cashew Granola, featured today on Breathe Magazine’s blog.After all, when you think about presidents and food, your mind probably jumps immediately to the famed cherry tree that Washington chose not to cut down as a child.


Of course you might instead think of peanuts, as Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer. But I didn’t have peanuts in the pantry. And the opportunity for alliteration–chia, cherry, cashew–was simply too enticing to avoid.[Because, as a former UVa student, I tend to believe Thomas Jefferson was the only president to ever live (or at least the only one worth talking about), I did also think about the fact that Jefferson’s favorite vegetable was peas, and that he was responsible for bringing macaroni and cheese to the United States, but I somehow couldn’t rationalize making a granola with peas and cheddar cheese.]But after I made the granola, I got to thinking…why does Valentine’s Day get all the fancy, romanc-ey desserts? Was George Washington not described by one of my fifth graders as “an brave man, who led our nation with honor”? And don’t we all want to find an noble, steadfast man to call our own?


I mean…he’s no Thomas Jefferson, but…*

*The man even looks good Medusad. (Translation: “in stone”)[Source]

How about you whip up a romantical–and yes, I meant to say “romantical”–dessert for the President or First Lady in your life tonight? How about an instant, granola-topped Cherry Crumble built for two (or just you ;))?

You’ll need two ramekins, and 2 1/2 cups of frozen cherries.Divy up the cherries (still frozen) into the ramekins, add a dash of orange or lemon juice, and sprinkle in some sucanat or other brown sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Remove from the oven, and take a shot or two of cherry juice* if it’s getting a bit too soupy. (Cherry soup…now there’s an idea.)

*Consider it an opportunity to aid in muscle recovery after the workout you may or may not have just completed.Sprinkle on some of your newly baked Chia Cherry Granola and return the ramekins to the oven for another 10 or so minutes.You can leave it in a bit longer, of course, but I like my cherries alliteratively chunky. (And also, apparently, slightly radioactively red?)Sweet, simple, and just slightly seductive. Why not bring the sexy back to President’s Day? [Or put sexy where it never was before? ;)]


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