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Do you ever just feel completely overloaded?

No, I’m not talking about the pile of laundry gathering at the foot of your bed.*

*Is that just me?

Or the leaning tower of honey-roasted peanut containers I’ve stacked on the counter.[Hey, you need a lot of nuts to make enough jars of Cinnamon Honey-Roasted Peanut Butter for everyone who came to the VA is 4 Bloggers Meet-up!]And while the pile of papers I need to grade is starting to get a bit too high, that’s not what I’m talking about either.I’m talking about an overloaded mind.

You see, I am one of those people whose brain’s never shuts off. It’ll start with one thing–like unnecessary stress and paranoia that after switching to a new feed at WordPress no one was ever going to read my blog again–and eventually catapaults itself through a maze of “I should do this,” and “Will they hate me if I don’t do that?” which, combined with the constant cycle of recipe and flavor ideas that run through my head at any given moment–say hello to Sweet Potato Samosa Stew, y’all!–leaves me constantly fired up.I start to lose track of things I ‘should’ be blogging about, like the Bamboo Bottle I was sent months ago to review. [And yet, it just keeps getting pushed down the to-do list…]Then I start feeling bad about not reviewing products, or not having a brand new recipe that will set the blog world aflame with excitement, and that just compounds the problem further…so that I do things like forget to announce the winner of my CORE Foods giveaway and blog about ABBA-inspired Quinoa Cookies instead.Oh, by the way…the winner of that giveaway?

Miss Peanut Butter & Jenny!*

*Who, I’ll be honest, I feel like is a super blog-star and I feel so honored she even glances at my blog. 😉

I’m also–contrary to popular belief and observation due to how much of a firecracker I am in social situations–the type of person who needs a lot of alone time to recharge her batteries. So, while I absolutely adore attending brunches and organizing meet-ups (and yes, I will blog more about our Virginia is 4 Bloggers Meet-Up later)……this extro [slash] introverted combination personality leads me to very quickly to overschedule and overstimulate, followed by a reactive retreat from the world.

Which is what happened today.

I almost didn’t even go into the kitchen. I almost said, “Oh well! Forget it! Those Texas Rio Star grapefruits can wait!”But I didn’t. Because no matter how overloaded I am, I know that the only way to feel better is to just plow on through.*

*I am now, apparently, the farm girl I always dreamed of being. [Well, fine, a farm girl who just sort of looks at the pigs and cows…but doesn’t actually do anything with them…]

You know the old* saying: when you’re overloaded with winter squash…

*And by “old” I mean “made up right now by me.”

…the only thing you can do is start roasting.*

*These look a bit like I feel: overdone.

And I mean, really…it’s not like these (vegan) Fig & Walnut Cookies for my February Foodie Pen Pal were going to make themselves, right?I realize this probably makes absolutely no sense at all. I guess all I’m trying to say is, sometimes I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I get stressed out about things that shouldn’t be stressful. And I put undue pressure on myself…about most things.

It’s silly, but it happens.

Maybe I’m crazy, but in the end life–and blogging–goes on.*

*Just perhaps not in the way I had planned…

[And also…Sunday nights are the worst.]


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