Nottzo Nuttzo

by Sarah on February 2, 2012 · 13 comments

You think you know…

You have no idea.

Want to know the easiest way to get absolutely phenomal, off-the-wall Nutty Butter?
Let someone else (honey) roast the nuts for you!^
^OK, not that I ever roast them myself first. But just go with it.
I know everyone freaks out about Nuttzo.
To be honest, the $14.00 (or more) price tag means I’ve never actually tried it.
But I know it’s a mixed nut butter. And I know that I can buy mixed nuts at CVS for $5.00.
I also know that when you put them in a food processor they will, undoubtedly, turn into nutty butter.
And in a lot less time than a ‘normal’ homemade nut butter.*
 *I have no idea why.
From ‘soft ball’ stage…
…to oil-exuding.
Until you are (Clean and Clear and) under control.
It might not be Nuttzo.
But if you ask me…
…it’s notzzo bad.

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