(Give It) Up, Up, Up and Away!

by Sarah on February 26, 2012 · 12 comments

This morning began with the following exchange via text (which I don’t know to–nor have the desire to figure out–capture and paste here).

::I just want to do everything::

::I know. But sometimes you can’t.::

And, after a whirlwind mess in the kitchen that somehow ended up with me crying on the couch, book club book not read, a wine tasting meeting with a friend canceled, and laundry definitely not done, I knew there was only one thing to do to help alleviate this consistent feeling of being overwhelmed and overloaded.

I have to give up blogging.

Now, hold your heart attacks, people.

I have to give up blogging..on the weekend.

 It might seem like nothing, but I am really proud of having gone almost two years (come Sunday) without ever skipping a day of posting at least some witty quip or picture or message on this crazy blog of mine. But I can’t do it all, and I’m going to give up this one little pressure on myself. [After my two-year blogiversary next Sunday…I mean, Little Miss Competitive With Myself would like to be able to say I gave it a full 730 days. Well, 731 if you count the leap day on Wednesday.]

Something (no matter how small) has to give, if I’m going to live.

Because Mr. Mason Jar was right. I can’t do everything…even if I want to. :)

Of course, one thing I CAN do is give away some Chobani Champions and Love Grown Granola”!

Thanks to everyone who supported Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the small attempt I tried to make promoting healthy eating for kids, both in school and at home. The winner of the Champions of Love giveaway is….

Please note I used a random number generator to choose this, and was so shocked that it picked #1 that I accidentally hit the button to make it go again without taking a shot of it.

Congratulations Jen! E-mail me so I can put you in touch with Chobani and Love Grown.

And thank you for loving and championing the cause. :)


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