Treats from Texas [January Foodie Pen Pal]

by Sarah on January 31, 2012 · 13 comments

And here we find ourselves again, packing up a box to ship across the country…*
*or, well, at least a few states away…

 …wondering if the perilously package pea–and other–nut butter will make it with out exploding everywhere…^
^You’ll have to check in with Krystie to find that out. :)

 …and if your Blogger Pen Pal will think it’s weird, or awesome, that you mailed her an open bag of cereal that you used to make some (Smart) Kitchen Sink School* Mix and then decided she might like to have the rest of for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night snack?
*It’s never seen a trail. Why call it something that it isn’t?

But no, Hoot and Holla^ were NOT allowed to take the trip, too.
Even if they really, really wanted to go to Florida.*
*Me too, little owls, me too.

 But even though I couldn’t ship myself to Florida, I did get a shipment from some place warm(er*)…
*It’s going to be up around 70 degrees this week in Virginia, y’all. Where’s Al Gore when you need him?

 …I got a package from some place warmer sent to me!

How fun to be matched up with a Texas blogger, who could satisfy my nostalgic need for a taste of Texas, now that I’ve moved back East. [Nicole was kind enough to send me some delicious Texas treats she loves.]

Well, OK, the Revonah pretzels are actually made in the pretzel capital of America–at least according to anyone who is anyone*–Hanover, Pennsylvania. But we sold them (and sampled them) at Central Market while I worked there…and they (and the delicious crumblies they make) will always remind me of Texas.
*Namely, people who grew up in Pennsylvania. Namely, me.

Another familiar, Central Market-stocked item was this Tay’s Granola. Oh wait, I’m sorry, Tay’s Gourmet Power Granola. Made in Mansfield, Texas, I can only say that Tay’s was familiar, because although I think I sampled every other type of granola we stocked…I never tried Tay’s.

This may have been a good or a bad thing depending on your views regarding the incredible rate at which I am devouring it.

Can you see the huge pieces of dried Power Berry (cherry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry) deliciousness? With golden raisins, too? Or the way it’s so light, and perfectly salted and cinnamony?

Or how it’s not super chunky…but just chunk-tastic enough…to make it an absolute perfect topper and mixer (and mover and shaker) in my bowls of cereal-blended deliciousness? [I particularly liked the way the flax seeds end up coating the strawberries making for even more crunchy berry fun.]
As for the steaz teas teaz…

 …it was a refreshing treat as my mind was wandering in the kitchen on Sunday while making my Mexi-Curry Bean Soup.

The best, my little Texas-lovin’ chickadees (or perhaps I should call y’all killer cacti?*) came thanks to a not-so-subtle hint to Nicole that I missed Mrs. Renfro’s Salsas. In particular, the pomegranate salsa that I’m pretty sure I declared, at one point, had changed my life.
*Hey, duuuude.

 Luckily I had some relish and hummus at the ready to create my favorite pomegranate salsa pairing. Or well, trio-ing? [And yes, I did say relish*…and hummus…]
*It wasn’t Wickles, but I survived. If I get matched up with an Alabama blogger next month, y’all know what I’m requesting.

 I’m a foodie with freaky foodie tendencies.
And hummus, salsa, and relish still (and always will) make me happy. 
Deal with it.
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