Plain & Simple

by Sarah on January 24, 2012 · 13 comments

Sometimes, you’ve planned ahead.
Occasionally you need to take extreme measures to be satisfied.
[“Cooking” in the car? Not that weird, right?]
If you’re lucky, sometimes friends will come along for the ride.
Out of nowhere, it will surprise you with its beautiful (color-coordinated) perfection.
Sometimes it teaches you that looks can be deceiving…
…and things can turn pretty ugly fast.
Now and then, you’ve got to get figgy with it.
And occasionally, it can get pretty nutty.
Every so often, you need to eat dessert first. And there are moments when you can’t decide what you want–
–except everything–
…and the greed gets the best of you.
But most times, it’s not necessary to make things complicated…
 …and plain and simple is really all you need.
And that, my little chickadees, is how you (completely by accident/didn’t realize until you were typing/can’t believe that actually happened) use oatmeal as a metaphor…for life.

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