My First "Meal"

by Sarah on January 4, 2012 · 11 comments

I wish I could say I used one of my many cookbooks (especially the one by Crescent Dragonwagon*) to make an epic dish as “my first meal” in my new place.
*In case you are wondering, Mama Smart did some research, and not only is that her real name, she has a blog! And she is a Southern Yankee (like me!)

Perhaps I should have made some crazy complicated curry or an adventurous Asian concoction involving the miso paste I somehow* transported all the way from Austin…or even just a really homey stew using my favorite winter vegetables–something special to ‘christen’ The (New) Smart Kitchen.
*stubbornly, insistently…

But this is what I ate:^
^Granted, it was more of a snack than a first ‘meal’…but unpacking means no time to sit down!
Baby carrots and Cherry Coke Zero.*
*Coke Zero Cherry? Coke Cherry Zero? Zero Coke Cherry?
Hey, we can’t all be like Fergie.
[Glamorous, glamorous.]

Perhaps check out some other people’s more exciting ‘eats’ over at Jenn‘s What I Ate Wednesday virtual potluck?


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