Can’t Ignore The Obvious

by Sarah on January 3, 2012 · 15 comments

Leftover pumpkin hummus* from lunch with Mama and Sister Smart should obviously never go to waste.
*I’m not the only one who makes thisobviously.

In fact, adding more veggies to the pita bread and hummus makes for a perfect travel snack for the road.
It’s also a smart (kitchen) idea to pack even more crudite. You can never have too many veggies.
*Technically, one can eat too many vegetables and then suffer GI repercussions, or orange-toned skin. But these are issues I’m willing to deal with. Obviously.
When the girl moving out so that you can move in says, “Are you cool with me leaving this pineapple here for you?”…

 …you say “Yes!”*
*Hopefully I didn’t sound too awkwardly excited at the prospect. [But y’all know me, and I’m sure I did. Obviously.]

Before I even unpacked anything, I had to go grocery shopping.
And I also just had to buy these kitchen gloves. I mean…obviously.
Maybe they will make me magically like washing dishes?*
*Obviously not.

When your old co-worker [slash] student teaching mentor [slash] hostess offers to bring you some take-out brown rice avocado sushi…
…you obviously accept the generosity.
And ask for extra ginger.
When she also offers to loan you some cookbooks from her self-proclaimed “vegetarian phase,” it’s difficult to refuse.

[Especially when one of them was written by someone named Crescent Dragonwagon (!?!?!)]
The best part about buying lettuce in plastic boxes?

*Aside from the fact that it was on clearance, obviously.

Being able to shake and “toss” your salad directly inside.
When Sheetz gives out free self-serve coffee for 24 hours over New Year’s Eve and Day, it’s important to partake.
Even if it means getting decaf at 4:00 in the afternoon…
…and then filling up not only your Thermos, but an extra cup as well, the next morning.
It’s important to be grateful for generosity.*
*Read: “Take advantage of free food and drink when it is offered to you.”
If you have a Starbucks gift card, it is important not to let it languish unused.
You can write thank-you notes while sipping on some cinnamon-dusted Pike’s Place Roast.
Which you always want to call “Pike’s Peak.”*
*Obviously. I mean, who doesn’t?
Moving requires lots of coffee.


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