Processin’ All Over The (Blog) World

by Sarah on December 27, 2011 · 3 comments

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile (or really, if you’ve ever even glanced over at it while someone else was reading it), you know I consider myself pretty good at making two things: nut butter and hummus.

Considering the love affair I have with my food processor, and the fact that nut butter and hummus have their own sections on my personal “” image, this should not surprise anyone.
[Insert doctored-up ClipArt image of the MyPlate symbol with hummus and nut butter added in place of dairy and meat that I am too lazy to make.]
Today, I am spreading my love and talent in the nut butter-and-hummus-making competitions of the virtual world just a little further.*
*I did just google “farther vs. further.” I think I chose correctly since this is a metaphorical use and I’m not actually running anywhere while simultaneously making hummus or nut butter. Although that would be fun.^
^And only the hummus-and-nut butter making…not the running.
First, head over to the lovely Lean Green Bean Lindsay’s blog and investigate the one time it is OK to cheat [and how to make the Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter I tempted you with a week or so ago].
If this picture doesn’t sell it, well I just don’t know what else I can do.*
*That is some chocolate-flavored peanut butter porn right there, y’all.
Once you’re finished with that, hop on over to the Breathe Magazine blog, where I reveal a new hummus recipe.

And before you say, “But Sarah, you just GAVE us a hummus recipe yesterday…and it also had rosemary in it!”
Well, you’re right.
But this is the original, the one based on a Sabra hummus that made my mouth so happy I went like this:

And that’s funny.
So read about it anyway.

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