On Love, Loss, and Leftovers

by Sarah on December 6, 2011 · 6 comments

If you follow me on twitter, or are my friend on facebook, you probably saw the crazy blast of self-promotion I undertook yesterday in my valiant attempts to become one of the new LOVE Bloggers for Love Grown Foods.

If you have a second–and you haven’t already done so–I’d LOVE [hehehe ;)] if you’d go to the facebook site, click on the photo* akin to the one you see below, and click the “like” button on the bottom left.
*Which, by the way, I’m considering for the back cover of my cookbook.^
^OK, I would be considering….if someone would pay me to write a cookbook.

Click this link. Look for this picture.
LOVE (although they prefer to use the word “like” on facebook) me!
You don’t even have to take the time to read my responses to the Love Grown questions.
But in case you are wondering, here is my response to the most important one:

I want to be a LOVE Blogger because...“healthy, affordable, delicious” could also be the motto of The Smart Kitchen: it is the way I approach recipes and cooking (and perhaps life…because y’all know I’m not rich, and who doesn’t want to describe their life as “delicious”?)
More importantly, however, I am an elementary school teacher, and I am SO supportive of the movement that LOVE Grown has started/joined/continued to encourage healthy eating at a young; it’s my soapbox issue, and I would love to be able to spread the LOVE to the East Coast!
Hopefully the world LOVES me as much as I LOVE LOVE (Grown).
[Was that redundant?]
From potential winners to…um….actual winners.
Thanks for everyone who entered my first clumsy attempt at a giveaway. I am so excited to be able to share some deliciousness with you in the form of Nana’s Cookie Company dairy and/or gluten-free cookies. But, rather than celebrate a winner, I decided to celebrate a LOSER.See, at summer camp, on BINGO night, we used to play “Loser BINGO,” where everyone stood up and numbers were called, and the person who was still standing at the end, without having ANY numbers on their board…well, they were the winner (but also the loser). So I played a little “Loser BINGO” by putting everyone in a hat, pulling ’em out one by one…and calling the last one remaining the winner.

Some people use computerized “random number selectors.”
I use a hat and scrap pieces of paper.

To each his (or her) own.

And the loser (also, therefore, the winner) is…..Tianna @ Teabaggin’ It! E-mail me your address and whatnot…and I’ll get Nana to hook you up with some treats. 😉
From winners…to losers…to…leftovers?

I was at the Y the other day, watching The Today Show (as I am wont to do), and saw a segment on the China’s term for “leftover women”: women over the age of 27 years old who are unmarried.* I got to thinking, “Holy bejeezus…I’m a leftover woman!”

*Ms. Magazine‘s blog has a very comprehensive article on it, if you are interested in reading more.
Here I am, back at my parents’ respective homes for the time being—although I DO have a job and a new place (not of my own, but on my own) to look forward to—and although I have yet to buy 300 cats and haven’t given up on love, I am a single woman on the ‘wrong side’ of 25. Apparently, since I’m 27, I’m a “leftover fighter,” since I’m still willing to ‘fight’ for a man. However, come next August, I’ll become “one who must triumph”…and if I hit 30…well, let’s not talk about it.

But what I really want to know is….
What’s so wrong with leftovers?
Squash tastes great hot out of the oven. But y’all know it is SO much better cold from the fridge.
[Well, maybe not “SO much” better, but at least equally as good.]

This amazing Red Lentil Rosemary Sauce I made the other day?

I’m pretty sure both it–and the quinoa pasta–tasted better the next day.

And if you think I eat everything I photograph right after I cook it…well, you’re wrong. This Acorn Squash + Cranberry Bulgur Riso-faux?

Yeah. Totally saved it and smuggled it into The Descendants.
Whoever says losers (with their leftovers) never win obviously doesn’t know how we operate here in The Smart Kitchen.

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