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by Sarah on December 26, 2011 · 11 comments

I hope all y’all had a very Merry Christmas!
[And ate some cookies? Or some rosemary?
This is just a pretty picture, so I wanted to open with this, instead of the next one.*]
*You, too, can think like a food blogger!

Mine was full of family, friends, and surprises. I was lucky enough to have Santa fulfill many of my requested Christmas List items*–
*Sadly, Adam Richman did not appear with an engagement ring under my tree. But I get two Christmases, remember…so there’s always hope that Papa Smart will pull through with that one!
–including a much thinner kitchen scale than I’ve ever seen before!

I was also met with some surprises, both good–berry basket whiteware!?!

—and not so good.
My camera won’t turn on.
I wish I could say I took it like a champ, accepted Mama Smart’s loaner camera and the camera on my (Maxwell) Smartphone and went on my way. But no. I frantically texted my blog parents (specifically the professional photographer blog father) to help. And I cried. Big, fat, frustrated tears. Only THEN I accepted Mama Smart’s loaner camera and the camera on my (Maxwell) Smartphone and went on my way.
I ate cookie batter* for breakfast.
*Yes, it should have been dough…but hey, mistakes^ happen.
^And was it really a mistake, per se?

I ate [vegan] White Bean Gravy for lunch.

[Which then turned into an experiment entitled “Seitan Pot Pie” for second lunch.*]
*We can call it “post-grad” work.

And then, after all of that cooking (did I mention I made those Rosemary & Thyme Olive Oil cookies you saw at the beginning of the post yet again for Mama Smart…because she is obsessed with them?) I got to work on Christmas appetizers.

Because as soon as everyone found out I was going to be around for Christmas dinner, the natural follow-up was, “Put Sarah on the apps. And have her make some hummus.”
Like I would show up at a party without hummus.* Really, people. I thought y’all knew me by now! But I also showed up with some Cranberry Guacamole.
*Or a useless garnish. Gayle would totally kick me off of Top Chef for that one. I wish I could remember her funny term for it.
I came up with the idea after seeing pomegranate seeds garnishing an Orange Guacamole in Better Homes & Gardens (or another one of the “old lady magazines”–as Stepmama Smart calls them–that I subscribe to). Pomegranates are expensive, while cranberries are not. I was, sadly, not the first person to think of this idea.

Silly Martha, beating me to the (cranberry) punch. It was delicious, though.
I also was excited to test a recipe for Alisa‘s currently-in-the-works new Go Dairy Free cookbook. Her sausage-stuffed mushrooms were unquestionably a resounding success.
Not only did she utilize the stems in the filling (which y’all know I loved, as I hate to waste anything), there was twice as much filling as I needed…which means I’ll be making more tomorrow!
And yes, I did say sausage-stuffed mushrooms. Just because I’m not eating meat,* doesn’t mean I can’t cook with it…right?
*Sorry that I can’t give you a firsthand tasting account of them…but the pleased crowd should be evidence enough of their yumminess. 😉
I also didn’t eat any of the crown roast. But it certainly was gorgeous, wasn’t it?
Oh, and about that hummus…modeled after a Rosemary and Pine Nut Hummus I had made the other day (following my obsession with the Sabra holiday hummus we’d sampled at the Foodbuzz Tasting Pavilion), I added some chipotle for a little holiday red (and holiday heat?). A wee bit of honey helped smooth out the smokiness and honestly? I love it. Since this is the only recipe I can claim as my own…this is the one you get.*
*You’ll definitely have to talk to some else about the crown roast.

Luckily it’s a good “app” for holidays all year round. 😉
Rosemary Chipotle Hummus
[Makes approximately 2 cups]
1 15-oz. can garbanzo beans
2 Tbsp. sesame tahini
2 Tbsp. fresh rosemary
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 Tbsp. honey
1 large canned chipotle (+ 1-2 tsp. adobo sauce)
s + p
1/4 water (or to consistency preference)
Combine all ingredients except water in a food processor. Process well. Add water (or more olive oil) in small increments until the hummus has reached your desired consistency.
Serve with veggies or chips of your choice.
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Lauren December 26, 2011 at 8:25 am

Yum! So making this! Haha glad your Christmas went well :)

blissfulbritt December 26, 2011 at 8:44 am

Gooooddddd gollly there is so much good food in this post I don't even know where to begin. Hummus..yes..just yes.

Fran@BCDC December 26, 2011 at 9:25 am

I have still yet to make hummus. But since my sister has a Huge rosemary bush in her yard…I should give this one a try!

teabagginit December 26, 2011 at 12:07 pm

that christmas dinner looks delicious! i beat you on the number of celebrations, though – i get THREE chrismtases (plural? christmasi?) one with j's family, one with mine, and another when family (from tx!) come into town! :)

Shannon December 26, 2011 at 3:19 pm

Hope you had an awesome Christmas! :)

Tricia @ saving room for dessert December 26, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Looks like another great hummus recipe! Blog hugs! So sorry about the camera.

Leila @ Spinach and Skittles December 26, 2011 at 11:01 pm

Cute berry baskets! Sausage stuffed shrooms sound divine…

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table December 26, 2011 at 11:42 pm

I LOVE those ceramic baskets!

All of that food looks incredible. Crown roasts are so pretty… I never eat them though. Food off of bones creeps me out. *sigh*

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic December 27, 2011 at 9:34 am

I saw that berry basket whiteware at Athropologie and want to get it too! I share your love for hummus :)

Wanna Be A Country Cleaver December 27, 2011 at 10:09 am

OH how I yearn for those white berry baskets!! Anthropology here I come!! I might need the teal version, too. Just for good measure. ~Megan

Christin@purplebirdblog December 27, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Sorry to hear about your camera troubles, love! My camera is MIA, and I shed some fat tears over it too. I am using my super sh*tty cell phone camera in the meantime, and a replacement point and shoot is on the way (thank goodness for holiday sales!), but UGH. My memory card not only had product review photos I hadn't uploaded yet, but all of our Christmas present opening pics too. Still makes me sad to think about it. I hope you can figure out what's the deal with yours and get that baby to turn on ASAP! xo

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