(Not) That Oatmeal Post…

by Sarah on October 25, 2011 · 10 comments

If you talked to me at all before I started my month of veganism, you’d know that the food I was most nervous about giving up was yogurt. After overdosing on oatmeal (three years of eating it every single morning will do that to you), I had taken on the new obsession of eating “yogurt messes” (which I, in a fit of “Trying to be a Cool Blogger” Syndrome, attempted to brand as a CFY*). But once I labeled myself a vegan, the yogurt had to go.

*C(ereal) F(ruit) Y(ogurt)

And so, I welcomed back the oat.*

*Hello, Oaty, well, hello, oaty it’s so nice, to have you back where you belong!And with the exception of two days when I ate cold pasta for breakfast (because really…it’s good, y’all!), a big bowl of oats has been my morning glory during the entire VeganMoFo.Now, like a good vegan and healthy living blogger, I could write a poetic description* of the versatility of oatmeal and how full it makes me and how much I look forward to it every morning.
*To fit with my standard way of proclaiming my love for foods, I could even write a song.
But I am not a normal healthy living blogger,* and to be honest, I’m pretty sure most of the time I look at oatmeal simply as a vessel for eating nut butter.
*and I make fun of those people sometimes
Yet, I think by the fact that I sometimes create elaborately themed bowls of oats (should we cut to the chase and call them boats?), like this strange, deconstructed Waldorf salad in a bowl, featuring grapes, apples, walnuts (and pears..for fun!).Or the fact that I will stop to photograph my oatmeal when I realize suddenly that it resembles a food-as-art interpretation of the tiny fallen leaves on my driveway……well, I think it might tell you I have started to take a rather abnormal pride in my oatmeal-making skills.But, well, the moment I realized I just might be diving off the deep end came the morning I saw Alton Brown.And after scooping on fig preserves, pumpkin butter, apple butter, AND peanut butter (how could I not, really?)

…then stirring it all up with the faintly red apples I’d cooked directly in the oats…Well, I looked down at my shirt and realized……my oatmeal and I were TWINS!

And that’s when I knew I had a problem.*
*Although maybe it was when I had to have my photograph taken with the oatmeal that I really closed the deal.

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