Steak-ing My Claim

by Sarah on September 30, 2011 · 5 comments

It’s Friday, and if there is one thing I know that will happen tonight, it’s that my dear blogger compatriot Emily will be eating steak for dinner. Why? Because she’s got Big Guy.

Big Guy is a legend (at least in my mind) when it comes to grillin’ and smokin’ and generally tamin’ some meat, so when it came time to tackle “cook a steak” on my Culinary Bucket List, I knew just where to turn. For roasting a chicken, I consulted my blog mama…for steak? There could only be Big Guy.

Thanks to Emily‘s hilarious translation of what Big Guy would tell her to do (as well as her own additions based on personal experience), I was able to turn this…

…into this!Read on to see how it was done….


Ribeyes. They are Big Guy’s favorite. Usually we rely on BQ (our grill – yes, it has a name) to turn a piece of pink beef into a pure masterpiece but sometimes grilling isn’t the best option (AKA during a hurricane).

[Or here in Texas, when recent wildfires caused a ban on outdoor fires of any kind.]

Now, usually Big Guy will grill (rain, shine, sleet, snow) but I would never, ever turn on the grill. Kind of like how I’ll never mow the grass. (Yes, you can mark my word on that.)

[Consider it marked.]

So why a ribeye? Basically because it’s fatty. And no, it’s not good fat like avocados and nut butters. But you know what, you only live once. The fat on the ribeye makes it cut like butter. It’ll melt in your mouth and you’ll probably close your eyes while eating……and thank the good-Lord that this cow had some extra “l-bs” on him. I like my thighs thin and a ribeye thick.
[Me too, apparently.][I even clapped and did the “happy food” dance.]

With that being said, we personally buy boneless ribeyes. About 1-inch thick.

[This is how I measure inches.]

You want them large. Every time Big Guy brings home a steak and cringe when I see the size – think newborn. That’s how big they usually are. I guess Big Guy gets his nickname for a reason.

[1.335 lbs. Not quite a newborn, but too shabby, eh?]

So…you want to put those bad boys on the counter about an hour or so before cooking. An extra cold steak doesn’t like a hot-hot surface.

[Yes, I did leave it on the counter just like this. For all my roommates new I’d pulled a GOB Bluth and stuffed a dead dove inside. (Although he was kind enough to mark it.)]

Usually we keep it simple – give it a good rub with olive oil (I usually use the garlic infused stuff)… and sprinkle on the grill seasoning (Montreal Steak – nothing fancy, folks).

[I made my own blend of cumin, Garlic Gold nuggets, paprika (smoked AND sweet), black and red pepper, onion powder, and salt.]

Now, some people like to brush on melted butter. But that’s not how we roll.
When it’s eatin’ time, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and put your cast iron on the stovetop and heat over medium-high.
[No cast iron skillet…but a cast iron grill pan? I’ve got that.]

Use your choice of fat. Yep, add more fat (this isn’t for those on a diet). Like I said, we usually use olive oil but butter would add fantastic flavor. Paula Deen may even stop by.

[I chose butter. I’m still waiting for Paula.]
Heat up that skillet – then add the ribeyes. Let them sear for about 4 minutes. [I don’t trust the stove timer. The timer I used to use for timed state-mandated tests when I was teaching? I trusted that.]
Don’t mess with the ribeyes. They’re kind of like Big Guy – he likes to be looked at but not touched. (He would nevvvvver agree to getting a couples massage.)

[Excuse me, I’m laughing too hard to pay attention. Good thing I set that timer.]

Turn them over and pop into the oven for about 12 minutes. This will give you a perfectly cooked medium-rare ribeye. If you want to ruin the steak (aka – medium) leave it in there for about 2 more minutes.

For me, a medium steak isn’t worth the calories. If I’m going to eat a succulent rib-eye it best be medium-rare.

[I set the timer again…but I didn’t factor in the extra 30 seconds for photography…]

Put the ribeyes on a plate and let them sit for 5 minutes. Don’t you dare cut into it yet. It needs to rest.

This is a good time to make Big Guy a cocktail and pour (another) glass of wine.

[Good thing I had read the instructions all the way through and knew to get a head start on the wine drinking waaaaay in advance.]

Now you can eat.

[Don’t hate me for overcooking it a bit, Big Guy!
It was my stupid need to take pictures that got in my way…]
Sometimes I serve a little horseradish on the side.

[I tried it. I liked it.]

But a perfectly cooked steak only needs a fork and knife….And a hungry belly.

[And a baked potato.]
[And this salad.]
[Spinach topped with oranges, sundried tomatoes, and capers.
Sounds weird…but trust me. It will turn a salad hater into a believer.]

After letting Emily and Big Guy know that I was going to wait until steaks went on sale, I was sent an immediate reply via email from Big Guy himself!*
*”The man…the myth…the legend.”

One thing Emily forgot to mention–don’t spare any expense when it comes to a good ribeye. You only eat them a couple of times a month.

[One a year? Maybe?]

It’s well worth the cost.
[$22.68 would have still felt steep to me…]

Wink at your butcher and see where it gets you!

[Or conveniently remember you have a Groupon to The Meat House,
resulting in a beautiful ribeye costing only $4.00. :)]


Now before y’all get your cows in a cluster,* there was a reason I didn’t consult Papa Smart for this adventure. Yes, he makes a beautiful steak, but he also makes amazing chili…which is what he’ll be helping me with later this winter.
*I just made that up. I don’t know what that really means.

However, I did call him after it was finished when I had a minor panic attack realizing I didn’t really know how to CUT the dang steak. He helped me solve that issue, and also left me with these wise words:

“One of the best things about having steak for dinner
is getting to eat a steak sandwich the next day.”
[Consider it done, Papa. With an egg and all.]
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iheartvegetables September 30, 2011 at 8:38 am

I need to bookmark this recipe. I don't know how to cook steak, and I'm pretty sure the man-friend would marry me on the spot if he walked in and found out I'd cooked him a steak 😉 hahaha


atastelife September 30, 2011 at 9:40 am

YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I love it. That looks amazing and perfectly cooked. Funny fact: We're not having steaks tonight, I know, GASP!


Errign September 30, 2011 at 10:48 am

Mmmm, steak. I haven't had red meat in a hot minute, just because I don't like to cook it!


Tricia @ saving room for dessert September 30, 2011 at 11:50 am

Great job – it looks fantastic! I love leftover steak but my 'big guy' will make it disappear if I don't tell him … specifically … I need the leftovers for another recipe. Mmmmm Man food!


Anonymous October 1, 2011 at 8:40 pm

Big Guy cheats on her constantly. Always has, always will.


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