Falafel…on a Waffle?

by Sarah on September 29, 2011 · 9 comments

On a waffle?
Yeah. I totally went there.*
*Did you really think I wouldn’t?
With Ta-honey Sauce.
Want to know more?Go visit my friend* Laura‘s blog today.
*And future Foodbuzz Conference roommate!
You won’t be sorry.
Well, unless you’d rather take your jar…in the car.
Or beg..…for an egg?Until yesterday I didn’t realize how awesome I was at cooking eggs.*
*Maybe the tiny pan helped. Whatever.Just like until today you didn’t realize how awesome it would be only to eat food that could be put into a quirky little rhyme.
The End.
[My friend.*]

*Like Laura. Who you should go “visit” today. Even if we kind of hate her for hunting truffles in Italy right now while we are at home eating (albeit quite lovely) eggs and waffles [topped with falafel(s)].

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