Zach’s Attack

by Sarah on August 28, 2011 · 6 comments

[Sadly, despite the title of this post, there will be no performance of “Friends Forever” at The Maxx today.]


The Hummus Queen strikes again!

Is it MY fault that I’m so darn endearing* that the guy who came to demo Baby Zach’s Hummus gifted me not one, but TWO free tubs of hummus?

*endearing [adjective]: subtly demanding, as in “I heard you were here last weekend and gave all of the other Foodies free hummus” (cue: puppy dog eyes)Not only the Spicy Smoked Black Bean Hummus that we don’t even sell at the store, but also—quickly rising even beyond that one to become my favorite–Spicy Smoked BBQ Hummus. [This was the inspiration for my own BBQ Hummus last summer, despite never having tasted it, I saw it on a store shelf and thought, as usual, “I can make that…”]And when he said, “These are the leftovers of the tubs I brought to sample…you can do whatever you want with them. Maybe take them to the break room?”…

….was it MY fault that there was no one there to share with?You might remember Baby Zach’s from the Farm Direct Showcase before I went to see Michael Pollan speak last December. They demoed their product with a literal MOUNTAIN of hummus…something I still remember to this day as a moment of great hummus joy in my life.

From a mountain of hummus to a TOWER of hummi*!

*hummi [noun]: plural form of hummus, according to no one but me

Seriously, though, I didn’t just rave about the hummus to Baby Zach and his compatriot just to weasel my way into their good graces and earn some swag.*

*That was only my partial reasoning.It may not be the most BEAUTIFUL hummus, but that Spicy Smoked Black Bean packs a nice punch. And the fact that all of the varieties have a wood-smoked flavor that is NOT created by liquid smoke*…well it’s definitely unique—and not in the way that people say, “Oh you’re so unique” when they can’t think of a complement for someone who is off-the-wall bonkers.

*Seriously, how do they do that? Do they smoke the individual chickpeas and black beans?Apparently, you are supposed to only eat the hummus with blue corn chips.

I’ll be happy to oblige while they come free. [And yes, I totally wrote that. A wee bit of personal self-congratulation is never unnecessary.]

I will say it tastes just delicious on my usual means for hummus consumption as well: mushrooms, carrots, raw zucchini, etc.

Please note the huge chunks of chickpea still visible in the finished product. Feels like home(made) to me.*

*Sans Mathew McConaughey in the shower a la How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days^

^Please tell me you get that reference. If not, go watch the movie. Or listen to the soundtrack.

[Please ignore the fact that I am eating hummus with my pinky up like I’m at a British tea party, when really I should be rubbing this all over an ear of corn at a BBQ or something.]


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