Who Have I Become?

by Sarah on August 23, 2011 · 23 comments

I’ve been wearing my running shoes…and actually RUNNING.OK, not in that picture. In that picture I’m sitting awkwardly on our front porch [slash] fire escape with my legs in the air, taking a photo of my shoes. But I have been RUNNING y’all! WTH?

On Sunday I hopped on for a 5 minute warm-up, and I ran 3.06 miles (!) before my knee got angry and said, “What are you doing woman? Who are you?“* I didn’t even have a TV to watch or anything! I’ll give credit to Mat Kearney and his new album.

*OK, this happened and 2.85 miles, but I pushed through.


I realize for the marathon runners out there, this seems like nothing. But for me, it was crazy talk. As I was too sweaty afterwards to lift weights, I instead rewarded myself with a leisurely stroll on the elliptical during a Man v. Food marathon. [Thankfully, the love I have for Adam Richman will most likely never change.]

After almost a year of not eating oatmeal…I had oats for breakfast.

[It was so creepily staring at me from the cabinet…]

And not just any old oats…the most awkward type of oat there is: COLD oats.Mixed up the night before…meaning I was consciously returning to an oatmeal way of life.They weren’t as ugly as I remembered them being (nor were they really a thing of beauty)…and thankfully I recalled that frozen raspberries really made them taste amazing in the summer heat.Topped with an apple and some GoLean Crunch!* I hate to admit it, but…they were actually quite delicious.

*Kashi has trademarked exclamation points. Just in case you were wondering.But contrary to popular belief…they did NOT fill me up better than my yogurt-nut butter combos. Still, when I found these in my pantry……I thought, “Awesome! I’m stocked up for the winter!” WHO AM I????

On Sunday, I decided to cut back on coffee.
On Monday, I realized that was just silly.

[I haven’t changed THAT much!]

Between the Figgy (Bread) Pudding* I made for breakfast last Thursday…

*That I consciously made VEGAN. WTH? Really? Who am I? [Recipe to come.]

…and the Green Chile Chicken Pan-salada I made after that…

…I haven’t turned on the food processor in over a week! [My Reese’s Bean-Nut Butter was made two weekends ago, I was just lazy about posting.]My food processor is wondering what is wrong with me.

And finally, in the most shocking display of “When did I become THAT person?” behavior, I took the birthday money from inside this card……and used it to by what is inside this box.Yes. That says “Juice Fountain.”It showed up on my doorstep a week ago.* And I am too scared of what might happen to me if I start juicing to open it. I never wanted to be “a juicer.” I never wanted to drink Green Monsters and mix protein powder into things. But suddenly…I kind of DO….
*And yes, I brought it inside and then took it back OUT to take a picture in daylight. Another “Who have I become?” moment if I do say so myself.I ask you this, people who know me well (or as well as you can know someone who chronicles her life like an open book): WHO HAVE I BECOME????

And how is my food processor gonna take this?


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