What I Ate (But Didn’t Make)

by Sarah on August 24, 2011 · 14 comments

Some of you are probably wondering, “Did she or didn’t she?” as regards opening that new juicer of mine. But sorry, Kristina, a ‘What I (Juiced) Wednesday’ post is going to have to wait, as I’m not ready to tell y’all if I’ve succumbed to the ways of the juice just yet. (I’ve always loved a good cliffhanger! Mwahahahahaha…)

However, as I tweeted yesterday to the weekly web-party hostess, Jenn, since I wasn’t willing to discuss juices that may or may not have been made, I was having trouble coming up with my now-standard ‘oh-so-creative’ riff on What I Ate Wednesday…and after I realized that I had now entered new levels of blog dork-dom, it hit me why*: things have been a little strange around here, and not because I bought a juicer, or that I’ve been running in increasing increments and ate cold oatmeal for the first time in ages. No, what’s strange is that I haven’t been making a whole lot of my own food. [Gasp!]

*Why I couldn’t think of anything. Not why I’m a dork. That’s too hard to define, really.

Sure, I’ve been eating a lot of hummus, but aside from the Hatch Chile Hummus I made at work, it has not been of my own creation.Nut butter, of course, is standard. (As are pictures of my food takien at such large slants that it appears as though five seconds after the shot everything went toppling to the ground. Not that that would surprise anyone, of course.)But for this Peanut Butter Processing Princess, it is quite bizarre that I have been eating nutty butters made by others…not myself. To be honest, I make better nut butter than the much heralded Naturally Nutty. It’s OK. It’s nutty. It’s also super chunky and looks a bit like poo. [I’m super thankful Kath gifted it to me when I saw her and Matt in Virginia, and I’m obviously still eating it…but it’s definitely not worth the $400,000 to have it mailed to you.]The Smucker’s Natural with Honey was a curiosity splurge when I was home in Pennsylvania. I like it, but it borders on being TOO sweet…just slightly. Clearly I’m still going to eat it by the spoonful…but the best thing about it is the reusable jar to come. [Smucker’s jars are the best of ALL the jars in the land!!!]This whole “not really thinking too much about my meals lately” probably started with the “Buy a rotisserie chicken, a large family salad, and a baguette for $10.00!” deal at work last week. After much more debate than there should have been,* I took the plunge and purchased.

*”Shelly, do I REALLY need a whole chicken?” “Sarah, I don’t know.” “But it’s such a good deal!” “Then buy it.” “But do I REALLY need a whole chicken?” [Sigh]It was too good of a deal to pass up, really. I mean, with my discount it was only $8.50 or so, and that’s how much one might spend on a salad this size in a restaurant.OK, sure, I DID us the baguette to make Green Chile Chicken Pan-salada–a post, by the way, which I would appreciate one of you going to and commenting on, because I’m feeling REALLY sad about the fact that no one did. (I’m spoiled. Deal with it.)

I also baked up a Vegan Figgy (Bread Pudding).

But for the most part, I just took that salad and ate it as is.
Or I added some random vegetables I pulled out of the fridge. Gotta love the last of the (not homemade) taco sauce as dressing.

If I shook up the salad with the lid on it does that count as cooking?

Leftover beans from a half-batch of Reese’s Bean-nut Butter and the remaining corn and tomatillos from the Green Chile Chicken Pan-salada? [Have you commented on that yet?????]
Plus Mrs. Renfro’s Pomegranate Salsa? Don’t mind if I do.As for the chicken–and yes, that is a Vanilla Pepper chicken I chose (the little bit of the skin I let myself eat was peppery sweet YUM)–
some of it ended up in the random Pesto Chicken Salad I stirred together (I don’t think that counts as “making” anything)……but most of it I just sort of ate off the bone. [Which I’m sure grossed out my sometimes-vegan roommate. Especially when I got to the wings. NO MEAT LEFT BEHIND!!!!]

The advantage of being single is that a “family-sized meal” will feed you for a week. All I needed to supplement was some fresh seafood ceviche made for me as a belated birthday dinner……and some Hatch-marinated fish tacos cooked on the grill during the Hatch Festival last weekend.[Where I might not have MADE the tacos…but I certainly EARNED them……working as a pseudo-line cook [slash] waitress in 105 degree heat–a position that might be closest I ever come to working in a restaurant.]And just when I thought, “Oh! I’m going to have to cook tonight! What sort of strange concoction can I come up with that will beat that crazy sweet potato haystack pizza-type thing with pesto chicken on it that I made last weekend?” I remembered I had leftovers from the little bar [slash] convenience store [slash] Indian restaurant that could…The Whip In, where I met Suzanna for lunch on our mutual day off.

The Eggplant Ratatouille Curry on Basmati Rice with (necessary) Naan on the side was incredibly flavorful and made me want to take a trip to India*…or at least start putting curry powder on everything.

*I almost typed Indiana. But who would I visit there?I strategically packaged up half so that I would be able to eke out a second meal. But yet again, I didn’t make the meal. This man did. [Or at least, he was so nice and jolly that I HOPE he did.]

It’s OK. So I didn’t cook a whole lot this week. I still feel like I was somewhat creative, no? Ah well, you live and learn….and then you check your bank account and get the h#$% back into the kitchen.


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