Juice is the Word

by Sarah on August 25, 2011 · 13 comments

OK, so I know a lot of you were shocked by my Tuesday post. “Who is this and what blog have I stumbled upon?” might have run through your minds. But no worries! Never fear! I haven’t changed THAT much. After all, just the other day I filled up my Central Market cold cup with a Diet Coke/Coke Zero blend of awesome not once…but twice. [If you’re wondering why there is no photographic evidence, it is because I consumed it too quickly to document.]

And I definitely consumed almost half of this amazing Berto’s Dark Chocolate White Mint Gelato on Monday night. [Imagine dark chocolate ice cream surrounding broken Andes mints…so that when it was all melty due to the heat, it was like biting into a giant mountain of minty fresh cool river of chocolate…Willy Wonka-style.]

And since I’ve got the hook-up at Central Market now (as I work there and all), I knew that this particular gelato had been discontinued, and therefore would ring up at only $1.99, not the original $8,000,000 or whatever it cost. So I went back and bought the rest of what was in stock yesterday.* By the way, thanks for asking…I DO like to carry gelato home in my purse. What’s the point of carrying around a big bag if you can’t put your groceries in it?

*Which is actually Tuesday, if you are reading this on Thursday.Just to be on the safe side, I also ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast.

Twice. Wouldn’t want oatmeal to get TOO comfortable around here, you know?You see? I haven’t changed! Just because I bought a juicer….…doesn’t mean I’m going to start saying “nom” or “bloobs” (rhymes with boobs) or signing up for marathons or something crazy like that. I just happened to become obsessed with juice because we make some crazy good juices at work.But as per usual, I figured “I can totally do that at home.”So after my food processor and my juicer had sized each other up for a while….…I set out to make some JUICE!In an effort to recreate a drink I had in Costa Rica, I gathered some lemons and limes (to replicate the flavor of a limon as best I could)…
Some cilantro and mint were welcomed to the party as well.

Peeled and ready to rock and roll! (Juice and jive?)Oh. Right.

To quote Miss Britney Spears: “That is just so typically me.”*

*Oh baby, baby.

I told y’all I haven’t changed.(I apparently can’t read either.)


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