Birthday Week (or Two) Recap

by Sarah on August 17, 2011 · 22 comments

As y’all know (or should, if you didn’t), my birthday was last Thursday. Having never been one of those people who made a big show of her birthday growing up, it’s almost comical with what ease I will share the news that either a) my birthday is coming up, b) it IS my birthday, or c) it WAS my birthday. After all, why not be celebrated if you have an excuse to be?*

*This is where I say, “you shouldn’t need an excuse to be celebrated,” but really…it makes you seem less cocky and narcissistic if you at least attempt to develop SOME sort of reason why people should be bowing down to you.^

^And yes, there is a supplier at the store who now bows at me.

I’m pretty sure I’ve milked a good week and a half of birthday celebrations, and there are still a few people who have said, “I owe you lunch [slash] frozen yogurt [slash] dinner,” and you know I’ll happily cash in on those later. However, for today, we will celebrate What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn and all her friends by reviewing just a few of the fun Birthday Week (and a half) foodies treats I managed to eat.

I started off last Thursday evening with a Pop Princesses sing-along at the Alamo Drafthouse. Katelyn gifted me some Dagoba Chai Chocolate and I freaked out to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” then danced on the stage during Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” under the influence of nothing more than Diet Coke. [Lots and lots of Diet Coke…but no, it wasn’t spiked.] No photos of the food or drink, but here is one of Gwen Stefani:

And also one of me wearing a light-up ring and the princess dress you might recognize from last Halloween.Friday evening I had a rather interesting date for drinks, where I concluded that you really shouldn’t proceed to smoke after your date (me) tells you (him) that sometimes it’s hard for you to breathe around cigarettes. At least I got a delicious glass of sangria out of it.And I had an escape plan: that delicious dinner at Luke’s Inside Out, where both a falafel sandwich and roasted rosemary shrimp and bleu cheese with apples changed my life. [OK, not really…but they were tastebud-blowingly good.]Yummy dinner followed by movie nostalgia: the final installment of Harry Potter…


…where, although I was too full to order my own, I snagged a bite of Sticky Toffee Pudding…

…and a sip of BUTTERBEER!!!!!!*

*To be honest, it wasn’t delicious enough to deserve that many exclamation points, but the novelty of it makes it awesome.Throughout the week (and a half), I snuck in a sushi-and-sorbet dinner* at Uchiko

*Separately…not together.

…and an ice-cream making class with Jeni of Columbus’ own Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (where I learned how to make ANY flavor of magic shell!)

Although I might have been over ice cream (for a day), I was NOT over gelato. The very next day was my birthday, and when they asked me what treat I wanted at work I said, “A spoonful of every flavor of gelato from the gelato counter.”While I didn’t have EVERY flavor, I did squeeze in quite a few: Pannecotta with Toffee, Poached Pear Caramel, Salty Caramel, Marscapone & Fig (all in the big cup), and Blood Orange Sorbet and Basil Coconut (in the small cup).I managed to eat at both of the mostly-undiscovered “miracles of 34th street.”^

^Wish I could take credit for that one…but that’s all you, Rebecca.

First, a lunch with a blog reader (and I hope new friend!) at my favorite sandwich shop, Foodheads…where I forced every possible vegetable I could onto my hummus sandwich, learned that the potato salad is actually quite tasty (although I still wish they had remembered the pickles)……and discovered a watermelon gazpacho that made me sad I’d ever tried to make it on my own. [Oh the envy!]*

*Someone once asked me at work what the secret to incredible watermelon gazpacho was. I’ll tell you the secret: order it from Foodheads.And then, on my actual birthday, a few of my friends and I* headed to Salvation Pizza next door.

*Thank you again, dear Katelyn, for promising upside down and backwards to be there so I wouldn’t end up sitting alone on my birthday.

Still the best pizza in town.

[#3–artichoke hearts, eggplant, sundried tomatoes–with spinach

and #7–basil, feta, artichoke hearts, olive–with proscuitto]

Still the best salad dressing.

(SO necessary for dipping your crust into…trust me, and the extra tubs of it we ordered.)
No cake on my birthday. I settled instead for a generous nibble from this $25.00 John Kelly truffle bar. [And yes, it IS $25 good.]

Because I am a huge nerd, the only thing my geeky, English-major-with-a-heavy-

focus-on-literature-written-about-defining-one’s-self-in-the-context-of-race-culture-and-gender wanted to do on my birthday was go see The Help.

Although going to a ‘real’ movie theater (not one that served beer and food or hosted sing-a-longs and comedy shows) was odd…I was greeted by Kathleen and her proclamation of “I bought you an entirely too large and overly priced Diet Coke” and immediately felt better.And I helped valiantly to consume a good portion of the extra large popcorn. [WITH butter.]Cara brought me some yummy S’mores cookies made with Golden Grahams instead of graham crackers……and it’s clearly not a movie unless Miss Smart has snuck in her veggies!Food-filled, fun-filled…a birthday week (and a half) of joyful surprise, friends, and happiness.

I should probably warn them about Sep-Pember and the MONTH of me, shouldn’t I?

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