The Latest News from Papa Smart

by Sarah on July 26, 2011 · 3 comments

Last time we heard from Papa Smart, he was crediting me with inventing peanut butter. This month, after spending one Post-It advising me to book my flights directly through the airline next time, so as to avoid future airport disasters, he moved on to his culinary critique of the fancy schmancy sea salts I’d brought to Wisconsin from Central Market to give him from one experimental chef to another:[Black Truffle Sea Salt ($30,000,000/lb.)*, Smoked Serrano, and Thai Ginger]
*Not really. More like $25,000,000.
Anyway, the flavored salts are–OMG!–really great.
We’ve used them on steak and burgers–whoa–really good.
Clearly, I need to invest in some of those salts.
If they make a nearly 60-year-old Papa revert to “abbrev. lang.” or text speech–
–well, you know they’ve got to be OMGYP.*

*”Oh My Goll, Y‘all” Phenomenal


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