It’s Not A Successful Trip…

by Sarah on July 7, 2011 · 15 comments

…until Sarah has cried in the airport.
No, Delta, I didn’t need help. What I needed was to not be sitting in the Atlanta airport for 4 hours, having flown east (halfway across the country) just to go back west. I don’t care how fun it was to be sitting across from the Southern Living newsstand. On any other day, this would have made me happy indeed, but yesterday not even that is going to save you. Yes, Delta, I really appreciate your attempts to make up a canceled-and-then-rescheduled-but-too-late-we’re-still-sending-you-to-Atlanta-from-Milwaukee-and-then-you’ll-be-delayed-again-so-you-might-get-home-before-midnight-but-it’s-looking-questionable (and-is-still-five-hours-later-than-planned) flight situation by giving me a meal voucher.

For $6.00.

Guess what? Even the Delta representative who GAVE me the voucher said, “It won’t buy you much.” I’ll tell you what it did buy me.
Half vanilla, half tart. Strawberries, pineapple….and Oreos (?)

It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
Sister Smart’s pre-debacle gifts of a Kashi GoLeanCRUNCH bar and a People magazine did little to appease my nerves. I was able to distract myself with Waiting for Superman*
*Seriously, watch it if you want to get a good idea of what we are facing with our screwed up educational system in America……and The Undomestic Goddess. [Clearly, this was no time for lofty literature.]And, hey, Delta, that was me who spilled Cheerios all over the floor and didn’t clean them up. Yeah…take THAT!Thank God for Diet Coke (I did request the whole can…take the free stuff where you can get it people) and Biscoff (which I managed to save).And I’m pretty sure my stomach (and wallet) was saved by the fact that I pack so many travel snacks.If breaking down in the middle of the terminal with tears streaming down your face, your bags scattered haphazardly around you, and a look of sheer unhappiness don’t mark you as bizarre…
…taking a number of photos of your food both before and during the flight sure will.The snacks saved my stomach, and Teddy saved my sanity. True friendship is the packet of warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for you in the passenger seat when you FINALLY make it home. [You can’t see them…because I ate them immediately.]
To invoke the spirit of famous resident of the city in which I spent so many hours yesterday, one Scarlet O’Hara: as God is my witness…I’ll never fly Delta again!

PS. Did I mention my best friend from high school arrives in about three hours to visit? Yeah, I’m clearly going to have the house ready for her now.