What I Ate (In My Home State)

by Sarah on June 22, 2011 · 14 comments

It’s Wednesday…and I am once again jumping on the blogger bandwagon, holding on with a loose grip, wondering how much longer it will be until I reach a destination out West where I think I can jump off this train, roll to a safe landing, and set up shop.

What kind of shop is yet to be determined. But I think it will have something to do with sandwiches. However that’s another story for another day. For now? A little contribution to Jenn‘s What I Ate Wednesday…this week, from Pennsylvania.*
*OK, I’m back in Texas. But let’s pretend I’m broadcasting from my homeland.
Although I’ve been talking a lot about Charlottesville this week, I did spend quite a bit of “bookend” time in my hometown before and after the wedding. [Would you hate me if I told you the primary reason for this was so that I could get my haircut by the man who has cut my hair for the past 10+ years and I’m too scared to have anyone else come within a 5-feet radius of my head with scissors? Because it’s true.*] You might remember that I am from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, also known as The Mushroom Capital of the World.
*I’m shaking my head in shame.
So, to say I ate a lot of mushrooms should come as no surprise. [Despite the fact that growing up, I hated them. Perhaps distance makes the stomach grow more tolerant in the same way absence makes the heart grow fonder?]
On one occasion, I ate an entire bowl of them. Just because.
I did add some salsa. A big bowl of white seemed wrong somehow. [Even though button mushrooms get a bad rap and actually DO have quite the nutritional profile.]

Some days, those mushrooms would find themselves mixed with other vegetables commonly found in the produce section of the grocery store. [Although goodness me, the prices are SO much higher in PA than in Texas!]I rekindled my love for cottage cheese and herbs de Provence while hanging out at my mom’s house. I also discovered a random, tiny amount of previously canned beets that clearly needed to be consumed.

Who was I to argue with the call of the beet?*

*Similar to Call of the Wild. But there are no wolves involved.^
^Are there wolves involved in Call of the Wild? Well, if there aren’t, I’m sorry for the flawed allusion.
I was reunited with some of my favorite things, including Wawa coffee (there is just something about it)……and Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt.Having been a devotee of the 0% for years, and only recently discovering the joys of 2% Greek yogurt, I, of course, had to put them to a taste test.
They looked pretty much the same. They scooped pretty much the same.
But I was reminded upon juxtaposed tasting, that dairy without fat has a subtly vinegar-y taste (think of skim milk), and that two is ALWAYS going to be better than (n)one. [Of course, it’s not like I didn’t also eat the 0%. It’s still quite tasty, and gives you an incredible bang for your buck.]

In addition to old favorites……I stumbled upon some new finds.Two new flavors of fizzy? While I could do without the Fuji Apple Pear, the Honeydew Melon was surprisingly tasty. (Of course, y’all know how I feel about melon.)At Target, I re-discovered a yummy blast from my past in the form of Mediterranean Hummus Chips…

(Oh, how DELICIOUSLY addictive these are…)

…but left with another bag of new-ness as well.

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Multigrain Chips? Definitely intriguing….…and y’all know how I have a hard time walking away from anything proclaiming itself as “NEW!” [Yes, I am an marketing dream.]They looked a wee bit like Sun Chips…and they had the bite of a Sun Chip. And the chiplets were delicious like Sun Chips.All in all? Worth the 12.65 minutes I stood waffling back and forth in the chip aisle querying my sister about whether or not I REALLY needed to buy them. Something I did NOT buy but found amusing?Some might consider Goldfish-shaped sandwich thins crazy. But since I now have not one, but TWO, Goldfish containers that I have decided are potentially falling in love in my pantry….…it doesn’t seem so crazy to me. Not like Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter anyway.Who is this Richard? How did he get to be so crazy?I may not have an answer to that…but I can tell you that Sister Smart was spot on when she said, “Oh, that is good peanut butter…but it’s really runny!”I’ll tell you what: all we need are a few spices and we could have ourselves some peanut soup in a jar!

I’m pretty sure I made a steady diet of C(ereal)F(ruit)Y(ogurt) concoctions.(I rediscovered that Cracklin’ Oat Bran is called CRACKlin’ for a reason….and learned this incredible wisdom from my dad: “If cereal comes in a small box, it means you aren’t supposed to eat a lot of it at once.” Think about that for a minute.)

–Wait. Sarah…are those FROZEN blueberries???? I thought you hated those things.

I guess I just learned that with a little rinse they really aren’t SO bad. [Besides, my mom has approximately 12 lbs. of them in the freezer…so I went with the options presented to me.]
And before you get way too concerned and think that I spent all this time at home and only ate bowls of vegetables and yogurt and fruit and cereal (although would that really be much different that my normal life?)…my dad and stepmom made a number of lovely meals—the ones my dad made were so complicated I probably will never recreate them–and Mama Smart did take Sister Smart and I out for dinner one night. We went to Buckley’s Tavern, home of the mushroom soup that I attempted to recreate in one of my very first blog posts. [This salad has nothing to do with that. But it as good.]
Our waitress pretty much rocked at life, considering she told me flat out if I was making an ordering mistake and didn’t care when I waffled back and forth for almost 30 minutes before committing to anything. And even then, she specialized it for me, making the BBQ Duck Confit Pizza into a kid-sized portion for me.You know I love BBQ Pizza in general….…and my general habit of ordering the most unique-sounding item on the menu (hello duck confit…welcome to my stomach) ended up leading to a very wise decision.I was REALLY hot, and drank 40 or so glasses of water, but didn’t end up eating all that much. I had a slice of my mom’s pizza, which was the special that evening.It has artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers and sorpressata yumminess all over it.I also poached some chicken.Hahahaha…OK so that was probably only pun-ny to me….but what I meant to say was I stole some of Sister Smart’s incredibly sizeable portion of chicken…a dish she chose for the pumpkin polenta upon which it was plated.As I am not sure how to end this post, I will point out that while my wandering fork leads me to steal food from other people on many occasions, I did NOT resort to thieving this sweet pink spatula I discovered in my mom’s kitchen.I considered it, though. I really did.


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