My Boyfriend’s Back

by Sarah on June 3, 2011 · 17 comments

Yes, y’all…as The Angels* sing, “My Boyfriend’s Back” (and you’re gonna be in trouble). Oh, Adam, how I missed you.
*Hark, the Herald!
By now y’all hopefully understand my bizarre, but not-so-inexplicable (he’s just so adorable and endearing), love for Adam Richman. Well, his new show (although really it seems just like a transitional new “season” of sorts) debuted on Wednesday night. Unlike the original Man v. Food, Adam is now using his show to highlight the entire MvF Nation* by “coaching” others in eating contests.
*The people, like me, who would want to show up to whatever restaurant he visited and scream and cheer and freak out in a general “superfan”-tastic way.Considering I didn’t really like watching my boyfriend stuff his face, but LOVED seeing his explorations of different historical and quirky eateries in various cities around the country…I’m loving the concept of the new show. [And from what I’ve read in his book, I think this is probably closer to his heart and his ideas about food as community and culture.]That’s really all I have to say about that. But since I had the opportunity to celebrate the return of my boyfriend (not that he really WENT anywhere, as Man v. Food is on every Saturday morning, perfectly timed with my elliptical workout at the gym), I thought I’d also let you in on a few other things that are “back.”

My appetite [for nut butter] is back (with a vengeance)!Maybe it’s just because this Santa Cruz Light Roast Peanut Butter is so darn delicious, or maybe I just got over whatever it was that was so strangely turning me off of the nutty stuff…but yesterday I was consuming it like there was no tomorrow [meaning there was, in fact a tomorrow…which is now, well, today*].
I even went so far as to use peanut butter for a new kind of ‘cake’-ball.But I’ll be back with that recipe later. :)
The basil‘s back (you better cut out* on the double)!
*Although really, you should cut IT.

Hey, la..Hey, la…the basil’s back!
[And some mint, too…]

See, after last spring’s relatively successful gardening venture in Virginia, I’ve been terrified to grow anything in the insanely hot climate that we find in Texas. But then I saw this beautiful basil plant and couldn’t resist giving it another go.
And then my roommate was even MORE inspired.*
*Although I’m excited, she is REALLY eager and protective over these plants. This morning she got up and said, “I’m just going to go outside and look at them for a minute.”
So now we have tomato plants and pepper plants…
…all lined up on our fire escape [slash] “porch”…
…waiting to grow!She replanted my basil in with the mint, which we have since learned is probably NOT the best idea due to mint’s ability to take over everything. Do y’all have any advice for us? My advice to YOU is to follow my roommate’s lead and use $2.00 trash cans with holes poked in the bottom rather than spending money on planters.
I can’t wait for that mint to profulgate…because then you know minted fruit salads will be back. Have y’all tried minted pineapple yet? Seriously, I told you MONTHS ago that it will change your life….You know what else is going to change your life? The USDA is back with a new food guide for us. And although I was probably over-exaggerating in saying it would change your life—as if you are reading this blog consistently, you probably know about healthy food portions–but it might change someone else’s. I do think that this image is a little easier to understand for the average American (or non-American…perhaps “average human” is a better term to use?) and I think the website is awesome with its interactive ‘menu’ of sorts that shows exactly how much of each food is considered a ‘serving.’ However, I am a little concerned that this picture is a bit limiting insomuch as it doesn’t really advise on getting enough of certain nutrients like calcium or vitamin D, and not eating too much sodium or added sugars. It also implies we must drink our dairy…which is not true, as you can see with the yogurt taking up a large portion of my breakfast bowl, below.
Breakfast in a bowl is back! [As opposed to breakfast eaten from a jar [slash] Tup-fauxware container at my desk at school.]
One of my favorite things about superthick 2% Greek yogurt is the way that cereal just clings to the spoon as though it’s on a rope swing careening over a 500 foot cliff, attempting to escape from bad guys but too scared to jump off on the other side.
But see? You can clearly EAT your dairy, too. And you don’t always eat from a plate. [In fact, I rarely do.]
Also, did you know you can drink your fruits and vegetables? [Of course you did. Y’all probably all had a green monster this morning.]
And while I didn’t actually drink this…well you could if you wanted to.
Yes, y’all…Watermelon Gazpacho‘s back! (It’s gonna save my reputation…*)
*I don’t know how. And how did The Angel’s lead singer’s boyfriend save her reputation, really? If he beat up the guy who was sniffing around while he was gone, then doesn’t it just look like she’s dating a troublemaker? And isn’t that WORSE for her reputation?
I used the same recipe as before, but I added some chipotles in adobo to kick the heat up a notch. Seriously people…make it. NOW. [Or when watermelons are back where you live. :)]

P.S.- It’s ME who’ll be back soon…back East that is. I’ll be making a return trek in the very near future. If there is anyone in the Philadelphia, D.C., or Charlottesville area who might like to try to meet up for a cheesesteak, a visit to Trader Joe’s, or some house dressing from Take-It-Away, e-mail me at [I’ll be there in the next two weeks….but I can give you more specifics if you are available!]

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