Crumblies In My Tum…blies?

by Sarah on June 29, 2011 · 19 comments

Sign I Am Not a Normal Person #950:
I am inordinately excited every time I reach the bottom of a box of cereal.Because you know what lives at the bottom of the cereal box?
Crumblies!And when I, like Winnie-the-Pooh, have a rumbly in my tumblyWell, all I want is a crumbly.
Actual conversation between me and my roommate:

Me: Did you just throw away a bag with Cap’n Crunch Berry crumbs in it?
She: Yes.
Me: Can you take it out of the trash please?
She: Are you going to make milk with it?*

*This is a sign that she is as weird as me.

No, I was not going to “make milk” [although Cap’n Crunch flavored milk IS an intriguing proposition…]. Crumblies are the perfect match for yogurt. Especially super thick GREEK yogurt.
See how they stick? See how they texturize? See how much FUN they make breakfast, lunch, OR dinner? (Or any time in between.)
Of course, as these were Cap’n Crunch crumblies, I had to top them off with something slightly virtuous: puffed wheat and Weetabix.
P.S.^ The best thing about Weetabix is that is essentially a Make Your Own Crumblies cereal. You are literally forced to crush them up.

^You do not need to point out that I have written a post script in the middle of a post. Of course, this is post a lot of other writing, and also “pre-” a lot more. We could call it a pre-script(ion) in fact. Or perhaps, since this is a “post” it can be a post script anyway. As in: the script OF the post.

Looking gooooooood….

You know what else loves crumblies?

Especially fruit with maximum surface stickage ability…such as these ripe peaches and mangoes.
Oh yes. The excitement this photo brings me. The salivatory appeal. Clearly, I am abnormal.


Care to join the crumbly caravan? While there are many delicious crumblies to choose from (and even cereals like puffed millet or All-Bran Bran Buds that are entire boxes of crumbly-esque cereal)……the best, in my crumble* opinon, belong to Go Lean CRUNCH! and the almighty Life.
*Hehehe…instead of humble. Get it?[But I’ve seriously told y’all this like twelve times. So if you haven’t gotten that in your head yet–or in your stomach–well, I’m sorry for your loss.]


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