Get(ting) Smart(er)

by Sarah on May 1, 2011 · 10 comments

If my blog became a TV show, it would clearly be called “Get Smart,” and it would follow my (mis)adventures as a culinary special agent. [Because, let’s be honest, although I’ve always wanted to be a TV spy like Sydney Bristow on Alias….I’d clearly act much more like Maxwell Smart.]But, as of Friday, this super-spy no longer use a shoe phone around The Smart Kitchen

…because Miss Smart just got a little smarter! :)

Yes, I finally took the plunge and, thanks to some money given to me by the federal government on account of over-paying my taxes, I purchased this little beauty. [And yes, I am blatantly advertising for Verizon, and Shavone, who was the greatest help at a cell phone store I’ve ever had…if you live in Austin, go seek her out at the the store on Brodie Lane.] It involved much waffling back and forth, phone calls to both my mother AND my brother (Shavone even spoke with Mama Smart at one point), and about two hours of my afternoon…but now I have a baby…and its name is the Thunderbolt.*
*Although clearly it is going to have be given a special name. I’m thinking Maxwell (my supersleuth male counterpart).
It’s doubtful that I will actually blog much from it…but you never know. [Blog emergencies? Is my blog really important enough to have a blog emergency?] It is much more likely if you follow me on twitter you will just become super annoyed at the fact that I can now tweet my random thoughts throughout the day instead of just at specific intervals.

Anyways, since I’ve spent most of the weekend staring at little Maxwell* in adoration, I don’t have a crazy elaborate post for you right now. I did take a few cooking breaks, though, so don’t worry about the rest of the week.
*Yes. I like it. Max for short.

I also made sure that all the IPads at the Verizon store were set to The Smart Kitchen before I left.

Shameless plugs for my own awesomeness…is there an app for that?

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