What I Ate (Without a Plate)

by Sarah on April 27, 2011 · 17 comments

I’ve decided to join the Peas + Crayons What I Ate Wednesday party again. And again, I’m playing by my own rules.* After my post yesterday about my adoration for eating salsa straight up from the jar (with a spoon) I decided this week’s edition would be following a similar theme.

*I deeply apologize for the fact that I cannot turn off my creativity. And for the fact that I just like to be difficult.

I present to you…What I Ate (Without a Plate) [Wednesday].

See, y’all, I’ve come to realized that the reason I sometimes (or alltimes) fail in this “daily eats” category of food blogging is because I rarely actually plate anything. [Although I do love these plates from World Market.]I’m not talking about ‘plating’ in Top Chef terminology–making everything photo-worthy and beautiful with garnishes and drizzles and perfectly light-catching plates in a hundred different colors with coordinating place mats and settings, that I don’t actually own, nor can I afford.
I’m talking about the fact that I just don’t ever seem to put anything on a plate.

Yes, we all know eating out of jars just makes things more fun…from salsa
[This would be my third jar of salsa this week. Just in case you were wondering.]
…to various and sundry nut butters. (Do I EVER actually put nut butter on anything? Nope. Can’t say that I do.)But I’m not really talking about that. Not really. Nor am I talking about the fact that I have a very deeply rooted affection (and overall preference) for eating anything and everything out of bowls (although I really prefer a ‘bug’–bowl [slash] mug).*
*The number of which exceeds that of plates in my cupboard by at least 500%.I’m talking about the fact that I never seem to put anything on a plate or in a bowl or any form of dish. Blame it on being a single woman,* but when I’m not eating straight from Tup-faux-ware containers…
*Anyone else feel weird calling yourself a woman?
(Or from the bowl in which I made it, then wrapped in plastic wrap and stuck somewhat precariously in the fridge, like this Shrimp ‘Ceviche’ Salad.)
…well food just ends up going directly from its source into my mouth.

OK, I usually start of the day somewhat civilized. I use a jar to transport a cereal blend-of-the-week. [Puffed rice (sometimes wheat, sometimes millet…either way, if you want to feel like you are eating a TON for little caloric intake, rock out with the pure puffed stuff), Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, Berry Berry Kix, and some stolen-from-my-roommate Multi-Grain Cheerios made up the blend this week.]This inevitably ends up in yogurt. Because I’m frugal, I know it is more cost efficient to buy larger tubs of plain or Greek yogurt and then portion it out into smaller containers to take throughout the week. I do this normally, but sometimes the individual tubs are on sale. So I buy them. And then I don’t need to use a bowl, or even dirty a Tup-faux-ware!
This can, of course, be a little precarious.
And thus begins my downfall into heathen-istic eating habits….

I went out to dinner at Habana Restaurant in South Austin, and when served the weekend paella special, rather than portion it out onto the plates given for this purpose…….I declared that “we [were] going to just attack it with our forks, OK?”

And so we did.
By the by…this paella (although it could possibly use a little more spice) was amazing! It looks like its a huge pile of rice, but once you start digging, you discover that there is an incredible amount of fresh-tasting seafood hiding in there. Tons of it. Shrimp, mussels, scallops, white fish, calamari, and oysters. Yummmmm….and frankly, it’s worth ordering just for the chance to eat the caramelized plaintains on top that pretty much eliminate the need for dessert.Of course, if you are like me, this feeling of not needing dessert lasts just until you get home, when you attack your newly opened tub of Butter Pecan with a spoon.

A bowl would just stand in my way.

Please, who really needs a bowl or a plate when you have a whole cartoon-covered BAG of carrots to eat from?Yes, we should eat them like junk food.Another thing that I eat from the bag? Gasp! [Shock! Awe!]Grapes. Clearly I don’t have issues with pesticides as most of the time I’ve eaten half of the bag before I even get home from the store. [After which I often do give them the obligatory rinse.]

And then, what I’ve pretty much been eating my weight in all week: melon…


…(some pineapple) and more melon!
Your eyes do not deceive you. That honeydew? Yes, it actually WAS the size of a watermelon. And it only cost $2.50. And it was (is) delicious. Even despite the bruise I inflicted on it when it rolled off the seat to the floor of my car and then proceeded to play bumper melon with itself.So what does melon have to do with not using plates? Well, not only is it delicious to eat with a spoon, as is……it’s also nature’s best bowl-without-a-bowl. Scoop a little yogurt in there….add some cereal. Not only yummy, but also fun to eat. :)And then, of course, there’s the fact that I end up having a meal of melon while cutting them. Because every time I make a chop, I have to put one piece in the container, and then one in my mouth. I even scrape right down the rind, getting every last bite possible.

And never once have I used a plate.

So, I might fail in the food blogger world. But that’s the reality of the situation. At least for the moment. It’s hard to take pictures of your meals when sometimes they end up just being scoops from various containers in your fridge as you are either racing from one place to another, or you’re just tired from work and workouts and blog events and work…

It’s also hard to take a picture of the time you ate diced tomatoes straight from the can.But I don’t know if we need a re-enactment of that.

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