Straight Up Salsa

by Sarah on April 26, 2011 · 14 comments

Most people consider chips and salsa to be the perfect pair.I have to disagree.

Although I will certainly eat salsa when it is served upon a–preferably broken, chiplet bit of salty bottom-of-the-bag (or basket) goodness—tortilla chip……I really just like to eat salsa with a spoon.This is yet another thing I credit to strange eating habits inherited from Mama Smart, who has told me that, after she gained a lot of weight eating Mexican food while pregnant with me, when her Mexican cravings struck while pregnant Sister Smart she just reached for a spoon and the jar…and dove right in.If you think I’m kidding, talk to my co-workers, who, after witnessing me pouring out salsa into a bowl during a recent ‘Hot Sauce Humpday’ morale booster and proceeding to shovel it into my mouth by the spoonful, asked if I was just going to go ahead and skip the spoon altogether and pour it into a cup and drink it next.*
*I did briefly contemplate this. I figured the staff lounge was not the time, nor the place, for this to happen. Did I later drink the last of the salsa from this jar, just to make sure I got every last bite? No comment.

By now we all know that salsa makes a fabulous salad dressing…
…or if you’re out of lettuce, you can always just make a veggie-ricotta bowl, topped with the spicy (or sweet, depending on your style) stuff. [Salsa + ricotta + hummus = amazing!] Maria even posted about salsa as a salad dressing recently, sparking a discussion of other ‘alternative’ dressings, which I will clearly have to get into another time….and truth be told, I don’t even need the whole salad to indulge my salsa cravings.

When a spoon won’t do…there’s always carrots.Wait…how? What? Huh?

No, the salsa doesn’t slip off. And for extra protection you can bite it into a spoon-like object and scoop it up. (See above and below.)No, that’s not a Bloody Mary you see below.
Celery works quite nicely as a dipper as well. As does sliced cucumber (although zucchini is better).Just be careful to hold on tight….…or else you might have to call in the veggie guards* to rescue ’em.
*Like lifeguards. But for vegetables. Swimming in a sea of salsa.

I’m a strange bird, it’s true. But you can keep your chips….[although save me the chiplets!]…like Paula Abdul, I’ll take my salsa straight up.
So, straight up, now tell me…
What’s the best thing you eat straight from the jar?
I also like to do this with sliced pickles. Don’t worry. I’m not pregnant.

What’s your favorite salsa?

Due to my current salsa fixation situation, I’m looking for recommendations.
(I did finish that jar in the photos in less than two days.)

Do you think I’m seriously strange?

It’s cool. You can be honest.

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