SXSW: Rachael Ray’s Feedback Party @ Stubbs’ BBQ

by Sarah on March 23, 2011 · 3 comments

If you checked in with me on Saturday, you know I spent the day at Rachael Ray’s annual Feedback SXSW Party at Stubb’s BBQ…along with probably 500 other people and some pretty amazing bands.
Maybe you even read about my experience waiting in line and finally getting into the party last year…the story of which has become legendary (in my own mind, anyway). And, if you can believe it, Leila, I actually DID run into Nick–the reason I made it in the door last year–again this year…interestingly enough, not even at Stubb’s, but at an entirely different party during the week.
There was an “OH MY GOLL” moment and a “wait a second…I know you…” look, and then, of course, the awkward “We HAVE to take a picture” situation, but seriously, how often do you re-meet someone you’ve met once in your life almost exactly a year later? [The magical nature of South By Southwest strikes again…]Although the line was superlong again this year, I had been stalking twitter for announcements about RSVPing, and was able to do so. [I had no idea what SXSW even really was when I visited Austin last year, and was much more in tune with the whole thing this time around.] Our RSVPs didn’t end up mattering at all, but getting there at 9:30AM certainly did. [Oh, and the fact that Teddy got there even earlier and let me and Natasha get in line with her…]
We were shuffled inside a little before 10:30, and the fun began!The musical line-up was amazing……and the set-up was such that with three stages (north, south, and indoor)… …there was never a break in music.
Rachael came out and greeted everyone, welcoming us all to the party……and while we listened to Bob Schneider and had our first drink of the day (all free, all the time), we waited in line for food!

[Me, Teddy, Michael, Cara]
I mean…it IS a Rachael Ray party, so there HAS to be food, right?

There was a Puerco Ropa Vieja taco that was quite tasty, and a nice twist on a dish typically made with beef. However, it could have used a little more of the traditional red sauce, as it was a wee bit dry for me.I nibbled on the Flank Steak “Tost-achos”* (the recipe for which you can find here, from Austin360), which you can’t really see because I covered them in shredded cabbage and cheese, but it was basically a tostada covered in a beef, black bean, and chorizo chili.
*A reason I love Rachael Ray? Our similar love of naming recipes by just melding a number of words into one.I also enjoyed the Five-Chile Chili, which had “just enough heat” (to quote a friend) and just the right amount of spice. [She has put the recipe on her website, which you can find here.]But by far (by FAR) my favorite bite was the Jalapeno Popper Slider.Seriously, I went around to everyone I saw (and there were a lot of people there, as you can tell) and pointed at their burgers saying “BEST. BURGER. EVER.” It was cooked to a perfect medium rare, with just a little heat, and the most amazing cream cheese mixture on top, in addition to even MORE cheese. And the bun tasted like some sort of amazing cross between a sweet Hawaiian roll and sourdough. [I know now that they were brioche rolls, but forgive me for not having a good eye for bread…]I’m glad I waited to post this recap, because Rachael put the recipe on her website! Make these Jalapeno Popper Sliders as soon as you possibly can. You won’t be sorry. :) Seriously, we were still talking about the burger the next day…and I am not even a huge ‘burger girl,’ as you know. But goll, Rachael. You done good* with that one.
*Yes, I am aware that should say well.^

^Yes, I am aware I just edited my writing within my writing.
People, music, food, fun, drinks, and dancing…Yes, I did say dancing. My favorite musical surprise was the performance by Eli “Paperboy” Reed…


…whose big band-meets-Motown (circa 1958) style was undoubtedly my favorite of the day. [Listen to his single “Come and Get It” and I dare you NOT to at least bob around a bit at your desk.]Yet another random “I have officially run into everyone I have ever met in my life during South by Southwest” event occurred when I glanced over and saw one of my sorority advisors from my first year at UVa. Small world, indeed!

So, an overall fourth consecutive “best day ever” was had, to be sure. And did you know Rachael Ray was so darn cool?Because not only did she legitimately know the words for all of the bands’ songs……and rock out to all of them……she seemed so chill and awesome (not that I actually talked to her).And aside from the fact that she seems to also believe Austin is the best city in the world, and that I was really jealous of her effortlessly adorable tank top/scarf/cuffed cargo pants-with-heels outfit (OK, maybe not the heels)……anyone who throws a party like this and invites everyone to come eat, drink, and dance all day FOR FREE has GOT to be good people.

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Tricia @ Saving room for dessert March 23, 2011 at 7:20 am

Ms. Smart, you rock! You have more fun in a week than most do in a year! Great photos, you got so close to Rachael. And you look so adorable in all the photos. Thanks for the great recipes. I'm not a burger person either but you made it sound so fantastic. My family would be very happy.

atastelife March 23, 2011 at 1:30 pm

I'm going to stop trying to out-do your fun.
Just kidding.
But in all seriousness…I'm UBER jealous of your Saturday. And I'd be mad (not jealous) if I hadn't been in Nashville.

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