Saturday Night’s Alright for…Riding!

by Sarah on March 27, 2011 · 9 comments

I’m truly a Texan now, y’all.
Because THIS is how I spent my Saturday night.
I’m still not sure if this Longhorn and I are friends now, or not.
[Cows are SO hard to read..]
You can get anything on a stick here at the rodeo.
And I do mean anything.
How about something fried?And by something…I sort of mean anything. [There’s a fryer for that.]
Of course, you can go the more traditional route.
Here in Texas, “traditional” means a big ol’ smoked turkey leg.
And if you’ve got your boots on…
…then you’re ready for some wrangling!
And some buckin’!And making new friends….of course.
Perhaps a little country music?
Sing me that song about being a Texan, Kevin Fowler….sing it for me one more time!
I’m hell-bent
One hundred percent

Texan ’til I die!
Then maybe a late-night snack?[I would like to note that they shared that turkey leg, and I ate mine down to the bone all by myself. Thank you. I’m proud of me too.]
The End.

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