O Captain! My Captain!

by Sarah on February 23, 2011 · 21 comments

So you remember how excited I was last year* when I discovered that one of the best kid cereals of all time came in a a honey version (like another “best kid cereal ever” known as Honey Nut Cheerios….although the bees on Honey Kix sadly lack smiles, arms, and personalities)?*Of course you don’t. That was pre-blog. It was incredibly exciting though. Since I didn’t have you people to share it with, I’m pretty sure^ I just raved about them to my students.
^Actually, I’m definitely sure, because I shared some with them, and I just remembered that afterward I had a parent e-mailin me asking “what the delicious cereal we tried in class was, because Little Tommy had never liked cereal before and now it was all he could talk about”

Perhaps you remember how excited I was when I discovered Kashi Honey Sunshine*…

*First mention of it–and my slight obsession–on the blog (that I can find) was April 2, 2010. Interestingly enough, Maria, it was in a post entitled “Oh, Happy Day!”…which not only LOOKED like Cap’n Crunch…it tasted like a less sweet/maybe-but-maybe-not healthier version of it, too?But watch out superexpensive-and-therefore-I-can-only-very-rarely-afford-to-purchase-you, Kashi cereal….
…because look what I found!The Cap’n’s back (not that he ever went anywhere)…and this time, he’s brought us a treasure.A treasure of stars with the same artificially gold coloring we all so loved as children (and adults?), but half the sugar!And guess what that means? For a serving TWICE as big as Kashi’s version, you get the same amount of sugar and more vitamins and minerals. Granted, it has that whole artificial coloring thing going on (the better to appear scarily golden with, my dear), has less fiber*, and can’t make the whole grains claims that Kashi can…

*Like I need to consumer any more though…really.

…AND I’ve only found it in a small, four-serving, $1.00-sized box (at CVS of all places)…
…but it tastes JUST like real Cap’n Crunch.
And for a little taste of childhood with slightly less guilt? I mean…I haven’t been this excited about cereal since I ate Lucky Charms from a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon.


I did find some reviews of this new find, and this one in particular made me laugh, because he did all these comparisons, saying that this new version had more calories and more total carbs than the original, but he neglected to pay attention to serving size, and factor in that you get to eat 2x as much as before. So he was just wrong.

Learn to read nutrition labels people!
Learn to do math!

As for his talk of flavor, I have not yet tried it with milk. But I promise, it tastes just like the real thing when it’s dry from the box. And if you think Kashi Honey Sunshine is good, then you’ll LOVE this. :)

Because I feel like it, and I’ve decided to get over my sense of “nobody likes me/everybody hates me/guess I’ll go eat worms” if you don’t respond or comment….a question:

What is your favorite cereal from childhood (sugary or not)?

Mine is (shockingly) not actually Lucky Charms, which I grew to love in college, more so than as a little child. When I was younger, I remember eating Honey Nut Cheerios, Fruity Pebbles, Honey Comb, Raisin Nut Bran, and these raisin-filled shredded wheat things that I don’t think they make anymore. My family has (and most likely always will be) sort of cereal-crazed though, and we usually have a gazillion types in the pantry*…so everything sort of blurs together a bit. :)

*We also can’t usually just eat one kind at a time. They have to be mixed. Like those Lucky Charms I loved in college…I always wanted them mixed with Frosted Cheerios and (bizarrely) Go Lean Crunch! or Cascadian Farm Oats & Honey Granola.


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