I’ve Been Workin’ On The Vlog…

by Sarah on February 24, 2011 · 7 comments

If you’d like musical accompaniment for this post, might I suggest watching this video, which is alternately creepy, weird, hilarious, and amazing. Please remember I take liberties with the order of the verses as I see fit. It’s my blog (song)…I do what I want.


I’ve been working on the V-Log
[I’m probably supposed to call it a vlog–as in Vladimir–but I don’t…so deal with it]All the live long day
[day…afternoon…same difference*]
*oxymoronI wasn’t sure about my last takes
[It was hot this weekend…the oil on my forehead was CRAZY!]
So I threw them all away
[Electronically. And not really. This is all more figurative…I’m pretty sure they are still on the camera.]
I did not forget my apron
[Owls = Smart]Nor to thank dear Eggland’s Best
[They are branded. No posers allowed.]My new Flip Cam and Gorilla Tripod
[Thank you Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program for the former, and Mama Smart for the latter.]
Had some help from the food pro-cess (er)
[We* are nothing if not creative problem solvers here in The Smart Kitchen.]
*in its royal usage
Smarties, did you know?
Smarties, did you know?

Acorn squash can turn ora-a-a-ange?
And I must confess
And I must confess
I only used egg for one of the squash nests
[But the yolk wrinkles! How cute!]————————-
Can’t you feel the excitement building?
[Um, hello…y’all KNOW I was destined for life broadcast!]
Wonderin’ how I sound and act
[Like a crazy person. Much like I write.]

Not sure how soon you’ll get to see it
[Considering I could barely work the camera, I’m not sure about both editing and uploading…but I have a Sunday deadline given to me by Foodbuzz…]
But I survived tripod attack!
Smarties, love me still
Smarties, love me still
Once you see my awkwardness
[Instead of just reading it…]

Keep your hopes real low
Keep your hopes real low
For production, but not this dish! :)


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