I’m Lovin’ It?

by Sarah on January 30, 2011 · 8 comments

So, we are approaching the end of January, and I totally neglected to mention that January was National Oatmeal Month.

How could I let such a crucial and important month in the food blogging world pass buy so unceremoniously?

Well, duh. I don’t care what the entire food blogging world thinks anymore.

But I did used to really love oatmeal. Like REALLY. So much so that—as I have told y’all and commented repeatedly on your blogs–I OD-ed on oats and haven’t eaten them in AT LEAST four months (unless you count those in the Banana Oat Gingerbread).

And then, on Friday, one of my coworkers said that a student had brought her breakfast, and we awwwed simultaneously and said, “how precious!” and swapped stories of when we were classroom teachers and I received things from homemade kimchi and Korean take-out to family-recipe chocolate chip cookies and kid-baked apple muffins. A few hours later, the same coworker had left this on my desk.

“I didn’t really want it. But I knew it was something YOU would like, Sarah.”
[They know my healthy habits—and blog-induced obsession with new products*–so well.]

*they had been the testers for Wendy’s new french fries after all…
I guessed it was time to return to oatmeal. [How could I deny the offer of free— and healthy (I would have easily been able to say no to fried-ness)–food?]

Alex has already done the research regarding the health factor of the new product, so I’ll let you wander on over to her sugar-free kitchen should you care to see exact caloric count and whatnot.

I’m pretty sure that mine was the “fully-loaded” version of the oatmeal, complete with brown sugar, cranberry-raisin blend, diced apples, and a “spot o’ cream.”*

*what I would like to hear should I ever visit a McDonald’s in London

Since I had already eaten my breakfast by the time this was gifted to me, I brought it home to try on Saturday morning. It said “Do Not Microwave,” but when have I ever let a food company tell me what to do?
[I’m pretty sure they just didn’t want me to microwave the plastic lid…which I didn’t. I’m stubborn, but not stupid.]The fruit got all plump and warm and gooey……and the oats got all warm and creamy and chewy…
…and I never thought I’d find myself saying this (at least not since I was eight years old and we stopped at McDonald’s on every road trip to get sausage biscuits—the best part of which was always the meat-flavored biscuit…)
…but McDonald’s has done good.

And for only $1.99…I really think I AM lovin’ it.

(And I will continue to hear Justin Timberlake singing that jingle in my head as I eat it.)


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