Bite Me. (Please.)

by Sarah on January 23, 2011 · 6 comments

I have discovered what may lead to my downfall.

Like a tragic Shakespearean hero(ine), my hubris in my own willpower may meet its match now that I have discovered a shop that lies directly en route from school [work] to home.This little shop is called Lick It Bite It Or Both, which is either the worst or most amazing name for an ice cream and cupcake counter I have ever heard. [Worst in that it is difficult to easily entwine in a sentence or verbal invitation…genius in the fact that I bought a Groupon for it simply because it was such an absurd moniker for a store.]
Yes, my little chickadees, you did read me correctly. I said ice cream AND cupcakes. In fact, they have coffee, too. [I guess adding “Sip It” would just complicate things even further?]Basically, if they also had a build-your-own-cereal-bowl station and dispensed hummus and nut butter in large barrels,* I’d pretty much have found my food heaven. [Although then they’d also have to add Crunch It, Scoop It.]

*I might be on to something there…

Although I had intended to save my Groupon for some unknown ‘special occasion’ or celebration, on Friday afternoon I decided that I would just simply celebrate, well…Friday. So with a slight detour, there I was.

Immediately when you walk in you are overcome by the comforting, cozy, cuteness of the place. Not only is there the mark of a Smart Kitchen-approved establishment (menu on chalkboard)
…there was a wall covered in cupcake wrappers, on which you are also invited (and encouraged) to draw your own design for contribution.
My eyes immediately picked out this one:
Silly me, I didn’t draw my own….perhaps because I was little distracted…
…by the cupcakes!
Um…this really did make me laugh out loud:
And of course, there was ice cream to be sampled, as well. [I heard “Would you like to try some samples?” and I, of course, didn’t resist.] Sadly, they were out of the Gingerbread Ice Cream I really wanted, but turns out their coconut is by far one of the best, most creamy delicious treats I have ever had…so I got one scoop of that……and one of Creamsicle [yes, modeled after Flinstones Push Pop], which is made with vanilla ice cream (they use half and half instead of cream), a bit of orange extract, and is finished with black licorice of all things.

Now y’all know I am an ice cream girl at heart. I’d choose frozen confections over cake any day…but the cupcakes were so beautiful…and with my Groupon I could get two-and-two…so I went for it.
One Peanut Butter Chocolate (and yes, that is covered in the richest, most decadent peanut butter frosting + chopped peanuts + chocolate chips)…
….and one Carrot Cake (with cream cheese icing…which is really what I was after).
I’m not lying when I say that I might have actually become a cupcake believer after this. I had avoided any comprehension of this cupcake trend and fashion until now. They were perfectly soft and moist, and the icing….oh the icing.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that the Peanut Butter Chocolate and the Carrot Cake actually taste even MORE amazing when you kind of smush ’em together and THEN bite ’em. (Perhaps it’s the cream cheese + peanut butter combination?)

You might be wondering how I know. Well, that would be because even thought I started out with the intention of just taking a bite of each and then giving the rest to my roommates…well, I ended up eating them both in their entirety.



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