On Top of Spaghetti (Squash)

by Sarah on December 14, 2010 · 9 comments

On top of spaghetti….*
*squash…all covered with peasI added tomato….*[*sauce (along with some Italian seasoning)]…and sprinkled some cheese.Popped it in the ovenThree-fifty degrees…It’s not very fancy…But my tummy was pleased!
But how did we get there?
And what else can we do?
Start with the squash, y’allPoke holes right on through!
Bake at four hundred…‘Til the skin gives with ease*
*About an hour or so depending on size
Then cut it right open…And pull out the seeds!Then scrape out the squash-ness…
Until you’re left with the shellThe strands look like ‘pa-sketti
A difference you can never tell!*
*That’s a lie, you probably can tell the difference.

What’s better than one squash?

Why not two or three?Saute up some yellow…
And perhaps zucchini?
Oil-packed dried tomatoes
Roasted peppers, too!
Mix ’em together
You’re now almost through
Add goat cheese or ricotta…
Salata will do
Parmesan and basilThis dish is a beaut!Infused with the flavor
Of the sun-dried oil marinade
You’ll swoon for spaghetti*

Save pasta for another day!


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