S’more Sweet Potatoes, Please!

by Sarah on November 22, 2010 · 8 comments

The only place marshmallows belong are on the end of a stick over a campfire.

In addition to s’mores, I will allow for the use of marshmallows in fudge, Rice Krispies Treats…
Fluffernutter sandwiches…
…and rocky road ice cream.


Marshmallows do not belong on sweet potato casserole.A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the age-old rivalry* between those who believe sweet potato casserole requires marshmallows on top, and those who believe that sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving is best topped with a brown sugar-pecan streusel topping. I was happy to find out that not one of you agreed with the marshmallow toppers, although I have a feeling even if you did agree you’d never tell me. :)

*How old? I have no idea.

The one truth that could be ascertained from your responses? Y’all love s’mores.**

**Duh! Who doesn’t? That’s why they call them s’mores…because we all want ’em. And then we want ’em again.

So my brain got a mullin’ like spiced cider in the wintertime…and I figured out the only compromise I could be happy with:

Sweet Potato S’mores

*That totally deserves at least five hundred exclamation points, by the way.

Yes, my little Smarties, I’ve done it again. I’ve made something as irresistible as Pumpkin Goo(p) and easy as the White Chocolate Cinna-Crunch of yore. It is the “can’t….stop….eating….it….”^ treat of Thanksgiving.

^I was going to call it the crack of Thanksgiving, but I’m a little concerned about my constant references to an illegal and addictive substance of which I have no real knowledge.

You will need to assemble all of the familiar s’mores ingredients, except since I couldn’t light a bonfire in my kitchen (sad face) I had to improvise with a little marshmallow fluff [technically, not Marshmallow Fluff…technically, Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme…but we all know which one sounds better].I happened to have a small packaged of graham crackers from the community table in the teachers’ lounge, which provided instant portion control. I used dark chocolate bars, but I imagine chocolate chips would do just fine in a pinch.

You’ll need some roasted sweet potato.In a small bowl, combine equal parts sweet potato mash and marshmallow fluff. I also sprinkled some cinnamon in there for no real reason. The chocolate totally masks the flavor in the end so it ain’t no thangFor one serving, this was two times as much as I needed. No worries, as I was able to eat the rest of it.Standard s’mores assembly line commences in a normal fashion…
Using the whole half of a bar will lead to a VERY chocolatey treat…I think you could get away with just three squares and/or a sprinkling of chocolate chips (as I mentioned above.) On top of the chocolate, you spread your sweet potato + fluff.
By “spread” I mean dollop or plop, then smuuuusssshhhh with the other graham cracker. I used honey, since I had them, and they were free. But I imagine the cinnamon ones would taste fantabulous as well. [What is with me an trying to get cinnamon into this recipe?]

Into the oven at 350 degrees for 5-10 minutes, depending on how melty you want your chocolate.

I wanted it very melty.
Very, VERY melty.

But, hey, my finger cleaned it up quite nicely.

Too bad (or too good?) I didn’t have s’more.*

*Come on. You knew I was going to go there.