by Sarah on October 15, 2010 · 11 comments

Move over(night) oats. Get out of the way you silly pumpkins. There’s a new obsession in town. I present, the totally unexpected and under-exposed….


Although I have eaten them before, persimmons have never struck me quite like they did when I sampled one at the Farmers’ Market last Saturday. Perhaps I’d never had one that was actually ripe? Regardless, I was enraptured, and brought a number of them home. [Hachiyas, which you should only eat when SUPERsoft I learned—see below—and Fuyus, which you can eat when they are still firm.]
You might be thinking, “Oh, I bet Sarah did something awesome with those. She’s do darn creative in the kitchen.”

Nope. I pretty much just cut right into them…and let all that juicy goodness spill out onto the plate.
Delicious persimmon jelly…
Oh so yummy….seriously. I cannot even tell you. I really never knew how good they were until I just ate this supersoft pulpy jammy-ness. I literally pick up the plate and lick it after eating this.
So I kind of told a half-truth before, because I did at least TRY to get somewhat creative with them. I mean, if one obsession is good, why not involve two? I mean, I love overnight oats, and I have a new found (glory?) love for persimmons….so, well….what to do but make Per-cinna-mon Oats?

Standard ONO base, sans banana….
…with extra cinnamon!
Stir in a glooooop of persimmon jelly.
And add pecans and raisins….because, well, why not?
Sad face, however, because the persimmon flavor was totally lost in the overnight oats, and although there was a slightly sweet hint of deliciousness, I was a wee bit disappointed. A much better morning? The day when I mashed up a persimmon and generously soused it with cinnamon and nutmeg…
…and then ate it with Greek yogurt.

Simple. Sweet. Persimmon Perfection.

Perhaps my next purchase of persimmons I will actually use in a recipe.

Or not. :)


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